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Small Tweaks To Make Your WordPress Website Look Better

Make Your Website Look Better Have you been noticing that users do not engage with your WordPress website and leave it within seconds? Are you wondering why? It could be because your website does not look good and is not engaging enough for users.

But here is the interesting point, you can improve its appearance, and it is easier than you think. We have discussed minor tweaks to make to your website for it to look better.

All you have to do is to follow the steps we’ve jotted down.

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Simple Website Changes to Make to Impress Your Audience

1.  Create a Strong Strategy

Get reviews and feedback from different people about your website to better know the areas of improvement. Note down all things and plan a better strategy to target your audience.

  1. First, look for your target audience and see what type of content they want to see.
  2. Check the websites of your competitors.
  3. Change the WordPress theme, colors, fonts, and content that will benefit your business and overcome all the weak areas.
  4. Start posting content and hunt your potential clients.
  5. Check its performance.

2. Make it Simple but Engaging

If you want to make your website look better (whether it’s a WordPress site or an alternative that you use), keep it as simple as possible. The urge to represent everything on your website will make it overcrowded, and people become anxious after visiting such websites.

Keep your website simple, always create a short menu, only give important information, use images to present complex data, and include plenty of white space around pictures and photos.

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You must show ads on your website but not too many, and select the space for showing ads wisely. Ensure the ads do not make it difficult for visitors to read the content.

3. Make Navigation Easy

Once you have landed a customer on your website, you only have a few nanoseconds to impress him or her. Make your website so simple that visitors can easily find the required sections.

All the sections should be at their relevant positions, and navigation should be easy. It is your responsibility to fulfill the needs of your site’s visitors because people quickly bounce off a website when they can’t find things easily enough.

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4. Use a Slider on the Homepage

Depending on the contents of your site, sliders can be great idea for the homepage because they are best for showing services and features to the clients and engaging them. Best of all, users don’t need to see everything as they can skip slides.

You can create beautiful sliders with the help of a slider plugin for WordPress and never make them look overcrowded. Bullet points and tables are highly recommended as well because they look fantastic and are easy to read.

5. Use a Simple Color Palette

Colors have a very big effect on decision-making; you can use them to trigger emotions in your audience that will favor your business. For example, blue signifies trust, and red is used for youth and joyousness.

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Select one color palette for your brand and stick to it throughout the website. Never use plenty of different colors because they will give the website an immature look.

6. Stick to a Couple of Fonts

Fonts Using different types of fonts on your site is very unprofessional. High-end and professional websites use only one or two fonts throughout the whole website to bring uniformity.

Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri are the most commonly used formats because they are simple, easy to read, and keep the audience engaged. You can bold essential points to highlight them instead of using a different font.

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Never go for fancy fonts, as they are hard to read, can’t engage anyone even for a second, and decrease the website’s traffic.

7. Avoid Colored Text

The primary tweaks to make to your website for to look better is to avoid colored text. Always use black text as it is engaging, easy on the eyes, and gives a professional look to the website.

You can also use the color white, but make sure the background is contrasting, and the content is easily readable. Other colors like red, green, and blue are not good options as they hinder readability.

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8. Use Display Fonts for Headings

Try to bring creative design to the website, but do not make it look over-crowded or challenging to read. If you do not have the time to be creative, try Google Display Fonts.

These are large fonts and are available in different designs. You can use them for headings, as headings should always be easy to read and eye-catchy. Never use them in content, as it will become difficult for readers to read.

9. Insert High-Quality Images

Website Design A website with high-quality and engaging images is a hundred times better than a website with blurred, minor, or no photos. Thus, you should always use high-end pictures on your website.

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Photos that are already available on Google are usually protected by copyright. That’s why capturing photos for your website yourself (or paying someone to do it) is better as they will look unique and engage your audience. Furthermore, the authority and authenticity of your website will also increase in the eyes of your readers.

10. Center-Align Images

People use images to increase engagement on their websites. But many do not bother to check if they are aligned properly or not. Always align the pictures at the center.

Their width should be equal to the width of the content. The image should be clear and relevant to the content. When we align images on one side, they do not attract the eye and make the website look poorly designed.

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11. Add Videos

Pictures are present on almost all websites; you can make your web pages stand out from others and look better by adding videos.

If it’s relevant to your business and audience, create a short video featuring all your services and brand message using high-quality graphics and animation and display it on your website. It will take your website to the next level and increase growth, if done right.

12. Increase White Space

White space is essential for websites; try to use it as much as possible. It increases readers’ engagement, and they tend not become anxious after visiting your website.

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The websites that are full of content and do not have white space make readers switch to another website as no one has time to go through too much content.

Follow these tips to increase white space on your WordPress website

  1. Break paragraphs into small segments
  2. The length of each paragraph should be three lines
  3. Leave space around headings
  4. Give space around the images
  5. Two adjacent lines should not be too close to each other

By following these tips, you will have plenty of unused space and can use a part of it to show ads.

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In Conclusion

In a nutshell, the look of your website is essential for higher conversion rates and to keep audiences coming back to it. By designing a highly engaging WordPress website, you can convince visitors to spend time on your website and take the required action.

Try to keep your website simple; use a simple theme with a large amount of white space, insert high quality pictures, and center align them, for starters.

All the above tips will help improve the design of your website. Go ahead, and give it a spin.

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