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7 Small Business Owner Mistakes That Affect Revenue & What You Can Do

open shop signage Starting and running a successful business requires time, effort, and resources. This is why the average small business owner often has to wear many hats. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to poor decisions and negative repercussions that affect the business.

When business owners make far too many mistakes because of the challenges they face, the mistakes can end up hurting their venture. Sadly, not many small business owners know about these mistakes until it’s too late. If you own or run a small business, make sure to avoid the common mistakes we’ll be discussing here so you don’t end up crippling your business.

Not Investing in Marketing

The average small business owner usually has to manage the resources that they have. Therefore, every expense has to be justified and made to make sense. This is why many small business owners are reluctant to pay for marketing and advertising.

Yet, marketing is the only way to get more people to walk in the door to buy your products, or call you to hire your service. Therefore, if you haven’t been thinking of marketing as an investment, now is the right time to begin.

If done correctly, marketing is about the surest way to guarantee sales growth, cash flow, and revenue generation –three things you need to ensure the sustainability of your business.

Not Outsourcing Mundane Tasks

mundance tasks packing

Understanding your job description is vital if you want to experience business growth. Yet, many founders end up spending half their day doing things that are not crucial to their business growth.

So, do a business process audit to identify the low-value tasks that typically take up your time and outsource them to other people. Naturally, this costs money, but the time and energy saved from doing these mundane tasks are incomparable to the gains and rewards you’ll enjoy.

Business owners who identify these tasks are more likely to be productive and will most likely, enjoy higher revenues as they are now more focused on the most important business activities.

Poor Planning

planning Ever heard the saying “he who fails to plan, plans to fail”? That’s correct. Every business owner should do the proper legwork, market research, product testing, and much more to ensure that their services or products will be accepted by the market.

It’s not enough to assume that your idea will work without initially testing the waters with it. So, make sure to plan your new business venture thoroughly. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time, effort, and resources on a venture that was doomed from the beginning.

Trying to Grow Too Quickly

Growth is great, but it has to be done organically. Businesses that try to grow or expand too quickly often find that they become too spread out and eventually fizzle out.

This is why you must have well-tested and highly efficient methods, practices, systems, and processes in place before anything else. This way, when you expand or grow, you’ll be able to hit the ground running, instead of feeling as though you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

Poor Cash Flow Management

cash flow accounting Poor cash flow is one of the biggest reasons why businesses fold up. You need to get a handle on your cash flow. This means prioritizing revenue generation above all else. So do everything you can to get your cash flow stabilized.

Every business requires stable and reliable cash flow to stay afloat, survive, and thrive. Without these, the business will not be able to meet its financial obligations.

The inability to meet financial obligations often leads to high turnover rates, poor worker morale, inadequate inventories, ineffective procurement processes, and payroll issues. Whatever you do, make sure that this aspect of your business runs smoothly and without any problems.

Placing Low Value on Your Products and Services

Price wars are not a sustainable competitive edge in any business. Sure, it might help once in a while, but you can’t keep it going forever –at least, not if you want to make any money.

Therefore, even if your competitors price the same items lower, it’s okay to maintain your price. Why? Because you understand the value of your products and services.

Identify the best entry price point for your products and services in the market, and settle for that. This way, you wouldn’t be overcharging the customer –and losing them too– and you’ll be able to run a profitable business.

Sticking With Outdated Technology

laptop typewriter We get it, you still have an attachment to that fax machine. But that’s not a good enough reason to keep the technology, particularly when everyone else has moved on from it.

Start running your business with newer technologies that work. For example, instead of using paper for everything in the office, choose paperless technology for everything you need to do.

Thanks to tech, you can do everything from drawing up contracts, writing memos, filing receipts, and signing on a screen. And everything will be uploaded instantly, with multiple backup copies placed on remote servers.

If you do not have any idea about the most relevant and contemporary technologies, go and check out the operations of a competitor and see what technologies they are using.

Then use the same tech or even better. The truth is old technologies often give way to new ones because the new tech is often more efficient and effective at doing what the old tech does. For example, instead of faxing a document, you can just email the recipient the digital copy, and they can edit or do whatever is necessary with the file.

Concluding Thoughts

Before you can run a successful business, you need to figure out all the bolts and nuts. Then, you’ll go get the equipment, knowledge, and resources necessary to help your business run optimally.

If you follow and use the tips we’ve shared with you in this article, you’ll end up avoiding the bulk of mistakes that many small business owners often make. Plus, you’ll be way ahead of them, which means you’ll succeed sooner than they would.