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Skype Windows Phone app updated, allows users to sign up with Microsoft accounts

Skype, the popular video calling and instant messaging application now requires new users to sign up with their Microsoft accounts and the software giant has also revealed that the service’s Windows Phone application has been updated with new features. So if you already use services like Xbox,, OneDrive or more, chances are you already have a Microsoft account and you can use the same email ID and password to join Skype.

This new initiative should make your account even more secure. Of course, you still have the option of using your Facebook account for signing up on Skype. This will be a helpful change considering that it gives you less passwords to remember and a better password recovery process with optional two-step verification will also be in place.

Skype Screenshot

Also, now the updated Skype application for Windows Phone 8, that is, version 2.16 is out and it requires existing customers to sign into it using their Microsoft accounts. Once you do that, you will be asked to punch in the Skype name and password you were using and it will automatically be linked to the Microsoft account.

Once you link the two accounts on Skype, the service will bring your settings, messages, history and more to the Microsoft account. But make sure to sign up on the service using the Microsoft ID instead of your old Skype name. Your friends can easily look for you using your email ID, so you are not required to give them your Skype name. Features like ‘mark as read’ and typing indicator have also been tossed into the mix.

The new version of Skype is available now through the Windows Phone store.