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Skype 5.5 beta for Mac released, Windows 5.7 beta gets update too

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The Skype 5.5 beta for Mac which brought in several new features and improvements is now available for download. Along with this, the company has also released an update to the 5.7 beta version of Skype for Windows.

Apart from some tweaks and fixes to the earlier edition of Skype for Mac, the new beta release brings in several new features like enhanced call UI, accepting incoming calls with videos, and more. Overall quality and stabilization has also been improved. When creating this upgrade, the developers have also dealt with the random dialpad pop-up issue reported in the earlier version of the application.

The new version of the Mac-based Skype will now sport a better call user interface, which will be more like the one used on Windows and iOS. This will make it easier for users to send files, share screen, mute, send videos, or even add people when on a call. In addition to this, the app will let users accept incoming calls, especially those with videos.

Furthermore, the Skype 5.7 beta for Windows also received an update. This overhaul offers some improvements to users in terms of Facebook calling along with bug fixes concerning group video calling and crash issues. It was observed in earlier versions that an additional contact card was shown when using a group video call with screen sharing. There have also been reports of the service crashing when copying a PowerPoint slide into IM. According to the company, the update takes care of both these issues.

Skype 5.5 beta for Mac as well as the Skype 5.7 beta for Windows update can now be downloaded from the official Skype website.