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SkyDrive learns to play fetch, new update brings in fresh capabilities

SkyDrive Update

The new SkyDrive update announced by Microsoft brings in a number of fresh capabilities for PCs and mobile devices. Not only will users be able to view and manage their account from Windows Explorer, but also from Apple’s Finder through the preview client for Mac OS X Lion and the Windows platforms.

With the SkyDrive application installed on a Windows PC, users should be able to conveniently view and manage files stored on their home or office computers, and even stream content from almost anywhere. This remote access feature is available through the preview app and requires a ‘second factor of authentication’ according to the company.

“Today, we’re excited to take another big step towards our vision by making SkyDrive far more powerful. There are new storage options, apps that connect your devices to SkyDrive, and a more powerful device cloud that lets you ‘fetch’ any file from a Windows PC. Taken together with access from popular mobile phones and a browser, you can now take your SkyDrive with you anywhere, connect it to any app that works with files and folders, and get all the storage you need—making SkyDrive the most powerful personal cloud storage service available,” reads a post made on the Building Windows 8 blog.

In addition to the aforementioned features, Microsoft is now offering 7GB of free cloud storage that’s capable of hoarding over 20,000 documents or 7,000 photos, for all new users. And for higher hoarding needs, there are a few yearly paid storage plans in tow as well starting from $10, $25 and $50 for an additional 20GB, 50GB and 100GB, respectively. What’s more, users with iOS and Windows Phone devices should be able to delete, rename and move files in their accounts.

SkyDrive Update 1

The new SkyDrive apps are available for download through the Windows Live website and respective application stores for WP7, iOS and Android devices.