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6 SkyDrive Alternatives

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A reliable SkyDrive alternative is a great option to turn to especially when you need to create backups and access your important information while away from your PC. All your vital documents that are currently sitting in your computer or portable drives can be seamlessly stored across one such solution. And once that’s done, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your content is safe in case you experience crashes or theft.

A gem like this also comes in handy for getting hold of pictures, videos and documents via your portable handset or tablet, even if you’re halfway around the globe. Wondering where you’ll find such a treat? Well, scan through the options below and you’ll surely zero in on one that meets your requirements.

1 – Dropbox:

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This interesting option hops onto the scenario tagged with the line ‘your stuff, anywhere.’ And right enough with the help of this one, you can gain access to all your content through your mobile phone, tablet, and even another PC apart from your own. As far as security is concerned, it comes with a two-step verification process and AES-256 bit encryption.

When you sign in to Dropbox, you’ll be able to access 2GB of storage space and even increase this number by opting for a Premium Account. And yes, there are dedicated mobile apps scattered across iTunes, Google Play and other online marketplaces.

2 – Google Drive:

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Also joining our services like SkyDrive roster is the Mountain View-based company. Besides just unveiling products that allow you to search the web and access your email, it even proffers a special service that enables you to hoard all your precious documents. It also lets you access Google documents such as Slides, Sheets, and Docs while on the go. Wondering how much storage you’re entitled to here? Well, you’ll be happy to know that the company gives each one 15GB space free of cost.

However, that virtual storage area spans across Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos. Still greedy for more? Well, you can avail of other plans that start at 100GB for $4.99 per month and go right up to 16TB for $799 per month. As expected, there are free Android and iOS applications available on Google Play and iTunes, respectively.

3 – iCloud:

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Here’s a great treat for hoarding enthusiasts who simply love to relish Apple products and services. And if you already own a gadget unveiled by the Cupertino based company, you may already know a lot about this particular iCloud. The storage service provides 5GB free space for storing books, TV shows, movies, music, apps, and photos.

What’s more, it even performs timely backups so you don’t lose out on your favorite content or downloaded applications. All these precious pieces of information are stored safely online. You can seamlessly set up this service across the iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac, and PC.

4 – SugarSync:

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This app similar to SkyDrive has the ability to sync data bits from just about any gadget. And apart from hoarding the lot, it lets you share large files with others who in turn, can either edit the same or simply just view them. You can take complete advantage of the sharing capabilities by showing off your folders and photos via Twitter, Facebook, email and even your blog.

What’s more, you’ll also be able to conduct secure backups, perform cloud searches, remote wipe data and gain access to your files from iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. This handy service proffers 2 types of plans namely, Personal and Business that starts at just under $8 per month for 60GB and $55 per month for 1TB, respectively. You can also avail of a free 5GB storage space before pulling out your wallet.

5 – ADrive:

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The developer of this cloud service calls you to centralize, manage and back up your precious files by exploiting all the features embedded here. You can also edit and share documents while accessing the web. Some of the other basic attributes include easy search tools, international character support, remote file transfer, and a whopping 50GB free online file storage space. If you opt for the Premium version, you can avail of FTP client access, better security, a desktop application, file history recovery, multiple concurrent sessions, no 3rd party ads and storage space of up to 10TB. This plan will cost you just under $70 per year. Then there’s also a special business edition that ranges from 100GB to unlimited hoarding space. Your organization can benefit from the same by purchasing this scheme at $167 per year.

6 – Box:

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The final mention in our services like SkyDrive round-up lets you easily store all your precious files and folders online so you can access them through any device irrespective of your location. When you sign up for an account here, you’ll be bombarded with 5GB space. You can also share large files or presentations with friends and family through this service. And as you might have expected, there are dedicated laptop, Android, iOS and desktop applications available. You’ll also be able to avail of business and enterprise price plans.


The file-hosting service shining in the spotlight here released half a decade ago. Emerging from the house of Microsoft, it allows users to upload their precious files into 7GB free cloud storage space. Entering with the tagline ‘free your files,’ it even proffers college students an extra helping of 3GB hoarding space for a whole year. And yes, there are respective apps for accessing your content through your mobile device.

Now, all of the aforesaid options in our SkyDrive alternative lineup also foray onto the scene with similar capabilities but different storage capacities and features. Don’t forget to pen down your favorites right here.