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Skitch for iPad draws into Apple App Store

Skitch For iPad 1

The iTunes App Store has a new entrant in the form of the Skitch for iPad app and it has arrived to facilitate communication with a dash of creativity. If this sounds like fun, then prospective users will approve of the way the application allows for sketching things to get a message across.

This addition brings with it touch-friendly tools like pencil, finger, arrows, text and more to be employed when explaining and drawing on just about everything. Annotations can be made on new images which users snap up or the existing ones picked from the concerned gallery. Plus, screenshots, webpages, maps or even blank canvases are some of the other options on which such doodles can be created.

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There’s an integrated browser within the software, which means there’s no need to leave the app for surfing the internet. A snap icon present on the browser can be used to get an image of a webpage, after which the aforementioned tool can be employed to draw viewers’ attention to the required area. Alternately, screenshots of almost anything displayed on the slab can be taken to do the same.

A post on the official Evernote blog shares that the app also gives the option to indulge in a game of Pictionary or to unleash the inner artist by filling up a blank canvas. Additionally, annotations and drawings can either be saved into Evernote, through which the content will become available via the cloud or can be preserved directly within the app. The drawings can be shared via Twitter and e-mail, amongst other available choices.

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Skitch For iPad 2

Skitch for iPad is now downloadable for free from the iTunes Store.

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