Skeeter Defeater, the ultimate mosquito defense Unit

Skeeter Defeater Logo

Driving away mosquitoes in our yards is quite a pain in the neck. Protecting ourselves from mosquitoes proves to be big task while camping, hunting, fishing and other such outdoor activities. Looks like Outdoor Solutions, Inc. really has a solution for the mosquito problem!

Outdoor Solutions, Inc. recently launched the “Skeeter Defeater” the mosquito killer in shining armor that kills mosquitoes in and around an area as big as 300 square feet! Note: kills mosquitoes, does not repel them like other mosquito repellents. And it is portable and hence perfect for using in multiple environments.

The Skeeter Defeater products feature a patent-pending technology which sprays pyrethrin at dawn and dusk everyday when the mosquitoes are supposed to be the most active. Pyrethrin is a botanical insecticide derived from chrysanthemum daisies which kills mosquitoes and does not even accumulate in environment unlike the synthetic ones.

In addition to it, the mosquito defense unit also features a DUSK/DAWN sensor that gets activated automatically according to the phase of the day and it does not even require a push of a button or plugging in.

“We designed the Skeeter Defeater line to be the most consumer-friendly, automatic mosquito elimination product on the market,” said Marketing Director Brett Duncan. “What really sets it apart is its DUSK/DAWN sensor, allowing you to simply set it up, turn it on and let it go to work, killing mosquitoes on contact.”

“Another great advantage of the Skeeter Defeater Dispenser is that it’s portable, meaning it can be taken from the backyard to the campsite and installed in seconds,” Duncan added. “Other mosquito products and misting options, often costing thousands of dollars, can’t make that claim.”

Outdoor Solution, Inc. claims to eliminate the entire mosquito population in ‘any outdoor environment’ with the help of its latest product. The installation and maintenance of Skeeter Defeater Dispenser comes with no strings attached. It just needs a few minutes to replace cylinders and batteries.

The complete Skeeter Defeater Mosquito Defense Unit is available online at and at selected retailers like PetSmart stores and Ace Hardware, True Value, Orgill and Handy Hardware dealers. The official website provides a complete list of its dealers.