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8 Sites Like Tumblr

Sites Like Tumblr

The 8 sites like Tumblr are perfect tools for social butterflies to connect with others through the internet. They can spread the word to a large number of people or even keep it private, allowing just a few who matter, into their cyber circle. Whatever be the choice, our 8 alternatives to Tumblr will enable social network enthusiasts to share what’s on their mind, display pictures and maybe even promote a certain cause that’s close to their hearts.

1 – Posterous Spaces:

Posterous Spaces

Share photos, ideas and videos with friends, family, and groups through Posterous Spaces. According to the developer, individuals all over the globe turn to this site for creating personal blogs and fully-functional websites.

Each space, which boasts of custom domains and professional themes, can be either set to private or public viewing. The website automatically resizes and optimizes your videos and photos for you, leaving you with all the time in the world to concentrate on sharing than working. There are also respective apps for iPhone and Android-powered handsets that allow you to post anything, anytime and even follow all your favorites and friends while on the go.

2 – Xanga:


Xanga, the blogging community forays into our roster of sites similar to Tumblr bringing along a slew of interesting features for those who like to constantly share content with loved ones. This option is great for online blogging and social network communities. You can further create and contribute your stories and pictures to all your online desired groups. When you join in, you’ll be provided with your own Xanga site for not only weblogging or photo blogging but also audio blogging and videoblogging.

3 – TypePad:


The blogging service called TypePad unleashed across the internet space nearly a decade ago. It enables you to seamlessly publish anything you wish, directly from your PC, email or mobile phone. You can sell services and products on your blog or even create your own blog design via the integrated Theme Builder, user-friendly design tools and templates.

Share your passion across TypePad by acquiring the Plus, Unlimited or Premium accounts that are priced at $8.95, $14.95 and $29.95, respectively. And as revealed earlier, there’s a free iPhone app that allows you to easily write posts, upload photos snapped through your camera and even alert pals about your new post through Twitter.

4 – WordPress:


WordPress is noted to be a free and open-source blogging tool for building a full-fledged website or starting your very own blog. What’s more, you won’t even have to shell out a penny to create either. You can also connect your special WordPress site to social networking platforms like Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Take advantage of the maps and graphs that help you easily track your popularity as well as more than 190 beautiful themes scattered across the Themes Showcase sector. You even have the option of keeping your blog private or public. This entrant in our Tumblr alternatives array also provides tech-savvy bloggers wielding iOS- and Android-powered devices respective apps for updating and editing their pages and posts from their personal gadgets.

5 – Edublogs:


Besides having blogs fashioned for just personal fun and spreading the joy, here’s an option that’s formulated exclusively for educational purposes. Edublogs has been around since 2005 and since has been catering to the blogging needs of teachers, school districts and students. This medium can be used for posting podcasts, videos, and documents as well as facilitating fantastic discussions on the virtual plane.

Edublogs can even replace paper newsletters and help create a virtual class publication. As far as the pricing goes, there are 3 separate schemes that read as Free, Pro and Campus. While the first selection is free, the Pro can be acquired by parting ways with $3.33. However, the latter has different cost schemes depending on the usage.

6 – Blogger:


As the creator of Blogger reveals, ‘a blog gives you your own voice on the web.’ And what better way to shout out your thoughts virtually than by employing Google’s blog-publishing service dubbed simply as Blogger? You can seamlessly choose who can read and comment on your blog; it could be just a handful of classmates or the entire world.

You also have the option of making a private online space that’s allotted especially for gathering news bits, ideas, and links. Through Blogger Profiles, you’ll be able to find other individuals who share similar interests and likes. Blogging with Blogger while on the go just got easier with the Android app. This software allows you to publish posts complete with pictures, location information, and labels, all through your portable handset.

7 – Twitter:


Social butterflies definitely need no introduction to the next inclusion in our sites similar to Tumblr lineup. Twitter gives a new meaning to the age-old phrase, ‘a little birdie told me.’ Well, in this case, it’s a little blue avian of the virtual sort that swoops in, bringing you interesting information from all across the globe. Create tweets comprising of 140 characters and discover what the world is talking about, all at a simple glance.

Follow the people, companies or groups that grab your attention and even view conversation bits, pictures, and videos directly on one single space. What’s more, this widely-used service can be procured in over 20 languages and even has individual apps for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and Windows 7.

8 – Weebly:


If the creator of Weebly is to be believed, building a website has never been easier when you opt for this particular service. A professional site can be fashioned by simply dragging and dropping content elements like photos, text, videos, and maps into the desired places. And you needn’t worry about any software installments or upgrades.

There are more than 100 professionally designed themes to exploit here. You can also proudly display all your beautiful pictures through photo galleries and slideshows. Keep a close watch on data and traffic patterns to know how many internet surfers visited your site and what topics piqued their interest. And once you’ve downloaded the iPhone app, you can check your stats as well as respond to comments while riding the bus or waiting at the airport terminal.


Founded in early 2007, the microblogging platform known as Tumblr allows you to virtually upload and share multimedia and other content with others. However, given the extensive list of sites like Tumblr, this gem isn’t the only delight on the block. Well, those looking for other formidable options can pick out any of the aforementioned ones. And once you’ve zeroed in on a few names of your choice, do tell us about them by leaving your comments in the box below.