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8 Sites Like Spokeo

Sites Like Spokeo

The sites like Spokeo we’ve dug up for you should help zero in on vital information about people.

Fancy checking out data bits of a favorite celebrity? Or want to get in touch with a long-lost relative? Well, with the mention of these options, you know that you can rely on other sources besides the one in question.

The list comprises of options that allow you to espy several details of the targeted person.

This includes name, address, age, and phone number. What’s more, you can even punch in your very own name and see what results emerge.

This could even help fathom if someone is indeed impersonating you on the internet.

1 – Intelius:


This website calls on all individuals to ‘live in the know.’ Founded in 2003, it provides services such as consumer people search, criminal records, background checks, reverse lookup, employee screening, online reputation, and identity protection.

With these options slapped across the web page, you can seamlessly opt for your desired section and make more informed choices while connecting with those who matter.

2 – Wink:


The next inclusion in our sites similar to Spokeo round-up lets you find people in a ‘wink’ of an eye.

After you’ve provided a name and location, the website will display a corresponding phone number, address, school, photos, workplace and more.

It even shows you online profiles plucked right out of places such as Linkedin, MySpace, Facebook, and Zoom Info.

You can also expect to see categories like email search, find friends, background check, phone number search and find a person online.

3 – Zabasearch:


Looked upon as a free people and public information search engine, this portal lets you obtain important bits of data on a person residing in any of the states spanning across the US. You can either search by name or phone number.

And no need to pull out your wallet to pay for accessing its premium service.

You can take complete advantage of advanced searches such as running a background check and finding a phone number by simply logging in with your Facebook account. There’s no registration required here either.

4 – PeekYou:


Take a peek into the lives of others by typing a username, school, city, phone number, interest or email in the space provided.

The people search engine which was founded back in April 2006, can be used to find relatives, friends, and colleagues through the public web.

And besides just catering to individuals living in the US, the site also extends its reach to other countries such as India, China, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Canada, and Australia.

5 – People Finder:

People Finder

Just as the name suggests, the website lets you gain information about almost anyone across the US.

It boasts of incorporating a wide database that features public records that are categorized under phone numbers, ages, names, addresses, and other data bits.

As the maker reveals, it has records for up to 80% of people living in the US. You can turn to this website whenever you want to conduct reverse phone lookups or address searches as well as in-depth people searches. Make the right connections with loved ones, fast, easy and trouble-free.

6 – yoName:


‘What’s yoName?,’ quips the brains behind this innovative contender in our sites similar to Spokeo array.

It conducts people searches across a wide number of platforms that include blogs and social networking websites.

What’s more, there’s even an advanced search options section that provides you with different portals.

Simply tick the related checkboxes in case you want to search within those fields itself.

All you have to do is type out the name, email address, phone number or username in the allotted box and proceed to hit the YO! button.

7 – 123people:


Wondering why you should jump onto the confines of this website? Well, you’ll be able to check photos, social network profiles, telephone numbers and links as well as find out what information about you is lying exposed on the virtual plane.

You’ll also be able to receive weekly reports and alerts as well as protect your online reputation.

There are even iOS and Android apps for conducting your search while on the go.

8 – KGB People:

KGB People

The free people search engine enables you to see not only your online identity but also acquire private information on a wide range of individuals.

Create a personal profile, get alerts, save frequent searches and check your WOW factor.

By signing into this gem, you’ll be able to know immediately if someone is impersonating you online.


You’re just a couple of clicks away from finding out everything there’s to know about your desired subject.

Well, maybe not everything, but at least a significant amount of vital data. You can get your hands on a phone number, address or any other similar piece of information pertaining to that individual.

Sometimes, the mere thought that such personal information is freely available over the net and accessible to anyone does sound a bit scary.

However, more often than not, these sites like Spokeo are being used with good intentions. So which ones did you prefer? Do leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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