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6 Sites Like Photobucket

Sites Like Photobucket

The following sites like Photobucket enable you to share your picture-perfect moments with friends and family. They are all innovative picture sharing websites where you can slap across precious moments so that others can also join in the celebration of your life. They even seem to be great options for sharing birthday, anniversary or wedding snaps with many individuals scattered all across the globe. No need to individually attach them to emails or send the same through IMs or your mobile phone. Now, read on to check out the various options that allow you to do just that and then some.

1 – SmugMug:


Through this particular option, you’ll be able to seamlessly back up all your pictures and videos without even breaking a sweat. You can further expect to see some advanced privacy features embedded in here as well. And among that lot is a very useful watermarking one that helps keep your creations from being used by others without proper permission.

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The portal even lets you share your precious memories through the means of blogs, email, Twitter, Facebook and forums. Now although your content may be priceless, you’ll still have to shell out a few bucks to use its services. The website proffers schemes like Basic, Power, Portfolio and Business which are tagged at $5, $8, $20 and $35 per month, respectively. There are also mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad and Android-powered devices.

2 – Picasa:


‘Orgainize, edit and share,’ is the call to arms here. Popping out from the house of Google, this entrant in our sites similar to Photobucket roster is great for showing off your skills with the shutter device. The latest version namely 3.9 now forays onto the scene with Google+ sharing and tagging as well as a complete set of editing tools.

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You can share your pictures and videos with all the contacts littered across your Google+ circles. You’ll even be able to opt for the useful ‘name tags’ feature. Coming to the editing, the company has also thrown in 24 new effects like Duo-tone, Orton-ish, Comic Book, Cross Process, Borders and Vignette.

3 – Shutterfly:


This interesting website was founded in 1999 and jumps in with the tagline, ‘make the world a better place by helping people share life’s joy.’ Adding to the fun is its free unlimited secure storage capability which means you can hoard as many snaps as you like. And apart from this, you can even enhance and share your digital memories with others.

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You can opt from over 400 pretty decorative borders that range from birthdays to festivals. What’s more, the developer also reveals that it will deliver vibrant prints of all your pictures. And as an added bonus, you’ll even be able to opt for back-of-print messaging which is provided absolutely free of cost.

4 – Flickr:


‘Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world.’ This particular image and video hosting website in our Photobucket alternatives array lets you upload eye-candy bits through the internet, email, mobile device or photo applications. You’ll even be able to stay abreast of all the latest happenings that are currently swimming around your friend’s world.

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In turn, you can also share your stories by adding tags, locations and information about your pictures. And once you’ve uploaded your virtual treasure chest of snaps onto the website, you’ll easily be able to safely share them with others through Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Simply sign on the dotted line and create your free account. There are even Android and iOS applications for uploading your masterpieces while on the go.

5 – DeviantArt:


‘Here’s where art meets application,’ according to the brains behind this endeavor. This innovative mention calls out to all you budding photographers and artists who want to show off your creations to the world at large. Your artwork can be neatly displayed right here for all to see. You can even discuss about various trending topics within the confines of this space.

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And besides just attracting the aforesaid niche, the website has even managed to rope in those who are curious about art. When you jump onto the virtual scene, you’ll be able to dabble in various categories such as original art works, sculptures, digital art, cartoons, anime, pixel art, paintings and films.

6 – ImageShack:


This contender in our sites similar to Photobucket roundup jumped onto the scenario around a decade ago and has since managed to leap into the hearts of many a shutterbug. You can expect to see a ton of useful tools and features which enable you to seamlessly upload, save and share your creations on the website. Some of the handy attributes include Dropbox sync, syndicate, shack it, resize, skypath app and a convenient sidebar.

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And the cherry on top here is that you can take complete advantage of all these tools and much more by simply signing up for an account without even having to shell out a single penny.


The image hosting site that’s in the spotlight here was founded nearly a decade ago. Through this apt solution, shutterbugs could share their creations with the whole world. Now, if you thought that the website in question was the only reliable option that’s on the list for sharing pictures, well our sites like Photobucket lineup will definitely make you think otherwise. There are some great alternatives that you can opt for right here. Now before you jump straight into your favorite one, don’t forget to grace our comment box with your mentions.