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8 Sites Like Pandora

Sites Like Pandora

You may appreciate these sites like Pandora if you are hooked onto the custom music streaming service in question. This website is popular for its unique ability to figure out the music preferences of its subscribers and create custom radio stations. Over the course of time, a plethora of portals has cropped up that promise a similar music listening experience. If you do not mind switching over to another service, you may want to have a look at certain alternatives listed below.

1 – Last.fm:


If you are seriously contemplating another service that is as efficient as your current music streaming website, Last.fm may fit the bill perfectly. It helps you discover new music on the basis of the kind you prefer listening to. This website features ‘The Scrobbler’ that has been assigned the basic task of figuring out your favorite artists, songs, genres and more so that it can recommend similar tracks.

Moreover, the portal boasts of various types of radio stations that include library radio, recommendations radio, global tags stations, neighborhood radio stations and more. You can also stream music from libraries your friends created on Last.fm.

2 – Grooveshark:


Grooveshark is the next contender on our lineup of sites similar to Pandora and seems capable of doing all that the latter can and maybe a lot more. You get a radio station of your own as it plays songs that are similar to the ones you like playing. It automatically creates a playlist as soon as you choose a genre from a number of options that include Classic Rock, Dubstep, Folk, Jazz, Latin, Metal and many more.

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You can skip as many tracks as you want before you get to the song you want to listen to and even add them to your personal playlist. And what’s more, you can express your views regarding these songs and add them to your favorites list as well.

3 – Jango:


Easy, fun and social are the adjectives the developers of the website associate with this music streaming service. All you need to do to enjoy music composed by your favorite artist is a punch in the name and it makes a playlist that features songs you may like. Additionally, the website lets you listen to songs that are preferred by those whose tastes in music match that of yours.

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This service lets you customize your playlist with multiple artists and permits you to rate songs as well so it can determine which tracks you want to listen to more. Other people’s playlists are also accessible to you so feel free to find out what others are listening to.

4 – Musicovery:


As the name suggests, this station comes across as a great way of discovering music. As soon as you navigate to the official website, you’ll notice a ‘play your mood’ section that naturally allows you to listen to tracks that match your mood. So whether you are in the mood for something energetic or calm, positive or dark, the service has a song that suits it just right.

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You can even type in the name of the artist and Musicovery automatically makes a playlist of songs by that artist or others of the same genre. Some of the other options include dance, artist radio and new so it is easy for you to search for your kind of music. The socially-inclined website integrates networking portals like Facebook and Twitter so you can share music with your friends and help them discover new tracks as well.

5 – iHeartRadio:


If you just love all things related to radio, this alternative on our queue of Pandora alternatives may just go on to become your favorite streaming service. With this website, your possibilities are endless, because apart from allowing you to listen to over 1000 radio stations, iHeartRadio lets you create your own custom stations that play your favorite music. You can choose to listen to stations by genres, location or simply pick an artist or a song and the portal takes care of the rest. Moreover, for your personal radio channels, you can make use of the Discovery Tuner to determine how much variety you seek while asking it to pick out numbers by artists similar to your favorite ones.

6 – Finetune:


Another streaming service that gives you a wide selection of tracks to choose from based on your choices is Finetune, a website that creates personal radio stations just for your entertainment. In addition to tracks, you get to explore the music world as the finetune community gives you access to information about various artists and music in general. You can even discover people with similar music preferences and browse through users’ playlists. And if that’s not enough, there are professionally managed playlists of popular songs that are created from a library of over 2 million songs belonging to more than 350 different categories. Recommendations also pour in for you so you do not miss out on potentially good music.

7 – MOG:


The next contender that we think is worthy enough to find a mention on our compilation featuring sites similar to Pandora is MOG. With a library that boasts of over 15 million songs, there is no way that you will not find the tracks you just love. It brings 100 percent artist-only and unrestricted radio, giving you the option to adjust the artist-mix for each of your stations. Creating and sharing your playlists isn’t a problem either and you can just as easily access playlists created by other MOG subscribers.

8 – Slacker:


And the final music streaming service on our roster is Slacker that boasts of featuring the most personalized content amongst all the available radio services. In order to come up with customized relevant radio stations that only play tracks that you like, this portal enlists various artists belonging to different genres and combines this knowledge with its subscribers’ personal taste in music.

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Apart from on-demand access to music, it lets you listen to various other radio programs as well that include sports, news, comedy and more.


So if any of these sites like Pandora in our catalog have managed to impress you, then switching may be a good option. But, of course, there are a number of other options that you can consider, and if you do happen to come across any of those, feel free to let us know their names through the comment box below.

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