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7 Sites Like Netflix

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A quick glance at our list of sites like Netflix might convince you to look elsewhere for your daily dose of movies and TV shows. Switching to another movie rental service may never have occurred to you, but there are some equally good, if not better, websites. These alternatives not only give you access to your favorite videos, but also do so at a lower rate than the portal in question. So if you think you are ready to turn your attention to another service, here we are with a few contenders to give you a head start. Skim through the roster laid down below and let us know if any of the options mentioned here are worthy enough to replace your current favorite.

1 – Hulu:


Almost as popular as Netflix in the video-content sphere, Hulu Plus is the way to go if you are looking out for a substitute for the former. This service works towards offering its customers premium video content from around the world at all times. You can access TV shows, movies, video clips and a lot of other content through the official website or a number of destination portals.

You can even use Hulu Plus to enjoy programs made accessible through Hulu by over 350 companies such as ABC, Fox, NBCUniversal, MGM, MTV Networks, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and many more. Additionally, you can completely customize your online viewing experience and take advantage of the website’s search feature in order to find shows, movies or documentaries you wish to watch. While the ad-supported portal allows you to enjoy shows for free, you can even choose to subscribe for a rather nominal fee of $7.99 a month to connect multiple devices.

2 – Redbox:


This alternative on our lineup of sites similar to Netflix is, without any doubt, an interesting one. Unlike other rental services, Redbox has over 33,000 kiosks across the US that let you have DVDs, Blu-ray discs or game CDs any time you want. To get started, you must first have an account which you can create on the official website. You can then rent out movies using your account and simply drive down to one of the nearest kiosks to collect the CD. And once you’re done watching it, return it, again through a kiosk.

YouTube video

The service offers a wide collection of movies belonging to various genres and some popular games for consoles like the PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. If you agree to sign up for an account, Redbox keeps you up to date regarding new arrivals and recommends content on the basis of your preferences. And that’s not all. The company has also released its official mobile applications which can be used to find a movie on the go.

3 – Blockbuster:


If you do not want to be bothered with the task of locating a kiosk and driving down to it just to collect a DVD you rented, Blockbuster can very well be the rental service you’d prefer. It stocks up on movies as well as games and gives you the option to either rent or buy the CD of your choice. Additionally, you can rent out a CD from Blockbuster even if you do not have a subscription.

This convenient service lets you book your movie or game online and delivers it to your doorstep via mail. The rented content can be returned via mail or through a Blockbuster store in your vicinity, and you can even make use of the exchange policy for another free movie or a discounted game. The service provides access to over 100,000 titles and claims to have them about 28 days before other services like Netflix and Redbox do. It ships your CDs both ways for free and doesn’t charge extra for Blu-ray discs.

4 – CinemaNow:


Another video distribution service included in our Netflix alternatives roster is CinemaNow. This website offers its services to those of you who are the residents of the US or Canada. This on-demand video rental owned by Best Buy, doesn’t force you to subscribe for a monthly plan in order to gain access to movies.

Unlike a few websites mentioned above, the content isn’t delivered to you by mail or obtained through stores. In fact, these are made available to you directly on the device of your choice. It could be a PC, a Mac computer, a Blu-ray player or a home theater system. Its pay-per-view plan starts at $2.99 and you have the option to watch your favorite titles online by renting, downloading or buying them over the web.

5 – GreenCine:


According to GreenCine, ‘movies matter.’ And if you agree with this philosophy, you should consider subscribing to the service right away. Apart from entertaining you with over 30,000 titles, the website keeps you posted when it comes to a lot of other movie-related things through interviews of influential people and allows you to update your ‘film quotient’ by joining communities and interacting with other movie buffs.

You can sign up for its rent-by-mail subscriptions that begin at $9.99 a month and watch movies of different genres. Also, it allows you to download DivX movies to your computer, the contract of which is valid for 10 days. You can make payments using your credit cards.

6 – Amazon Instant Video:

Amazon Instant Video

This service comes from the popular e-retailer is listed on our array of sites similar to Netflix as it has a wide range of options available in the form of movies, new TV shows, and classic favorites. In addition to an archive that boasts of some popular titles, Amazon Instant Video lets you watch new releases in the comfort of your home. You can even subscribe to an ongoing TV series and enjoy an episode a day after it’s aired. The video content can be streamed onto the Kindle Fire, PCs, Macs, Blu-ray players, TVs, and other select devices.

YouTube video

And what’s more, you get your own video library that ensures access to the content you purchased from all supported devices on the move. Additionally, you can choose to subscribe to Amazon Prime that charges you $79 per year to receive instant access to a wide range of movies, shows and other content without additional costs. The flexible service lets you stream content online or download it. The rental service starts at $2.99 and is valid for a period of 30 days. This rented video is removed from your library 24 hours after you start watching it.

7 – TV.com:


If the developers of this website are to be believed, TV.com is the site where TV lives online. As the name suggests, it basically concentrates on providing access to TV shows as well as communities so that you can interact with people who have similar tastes. It even lets you keep tabs on behind-the-scenes gossip. Although you can simply visit this web portal and enjoy a lot of features, you will be entitled to more benefits if you choose to register.

This website also lets you brag about your expertise regarding shows on television. Everything that you do on it earns you points and the more active you are on the portal, the more points you get. You may even progress to a level where you are termed the editor of a particular show. So we wouldn’t be wrong in saying that this is the site for you if you are a self-confessed TV buff.


So there you have it; a compilation of sites like Netflix that you can choose from if you wish to switch. If you think Netflix doesn’t agree with you anymore, you should probably try out one of the portals we’ve jotted down and find out if they are worth the substitution. And don’t forget to let us know about your decision once you have figured it out.