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6 Sites Like MyYearbook

Sites Like MyYearbook

The sites like MyYearbook featured here allow you to meet new people and stay connected with old pals. All those of you who’ve undergone the pupal transformation and emerged a social butterfly will surely want to take complete advantage of all these websites. They allow you to make new friends as well as keep in touch with old ones, all through the online terrain. You can stay abreast of all the latest happenings going on in the lives of your long lost buddies, school mates, ex-colleagues, new-found friends and relatives living abroad, with just a few mouse clicks.

1 – MySpace:


Just as the name suggests, you’re getting your very own online space where you can share things that matter to you with loved ones. This could be anything from music and movies to events and videos. Targeting Gen Y audiences, the website proffers a highly personalized experience to its members who can seamlessly jump in and connect with people.

There’s even a game category that enables you to play exciting titles such as Guitar Hero III – Legends of Rock, Jungle Jewels – The Temple, Vampires, and Piano. Connecting with individuals from all over the globe is also as easy as pie. When you foray into the Browse People section, you’ll be able to search for new friends by punching in your desired gender, age, location and status. What’s more, there are even iOS and Android apps for staying in touch while on the go.

2 – Facebook:


No stranger to the social networking scene, this entrant in our sites similar to MyYearbook roster strides out with the aim to ‘make the world more open and connected.’ Founded by Mark Zuckerberg, the website reached the one billion active users milestone in October last year. It’s noted to be one of the most popular social solutions when it comes to communicating with friends and family, both near and far. Here you can create a personal profile, add other users to your friend’s list, indulge in instant messaging chats, write on walls, poke and share notes, videos and photos. You can further play highly-addictive games like Farmville and Hidden Chronicles, among other titles. You can also check updates and invite new friends through your iOS or Android-infused devices.

3 – Hi5:


Social butterflies were seen fluttering to this website ever since it launched in 2003. Five years later, comScore revealed that the portal bagged third place in the race for most popular social networking site as far as monthly unique visitors were concerned. However, more than a year ago, another big name in the industry namely, Tagged brought Hi5. Under this new ownership, you can expect to see new features coming to light right here. The company is aiming at improving the overall photo experience as well as proffering more customization control. What’s more, you can even keep all your Hi5 friends while being able to meet and greet new ones via Tagged.

4 – Tagged:


If you like to befriend people from all walks of life, then this inclusion in our MyYearbook alternatives array is definitely something you should consider joining. Indulge in social discovery and mingle virtually with more than 330 million members plucked from different parts of the world. You can zero in on new pals by exploiting the website’s advanced browsing and matching features and shared interest attributes. The portal came into existence in 2004 and has since garnered the interest of many social individuals looking to find like-minded people. Here you can even play interesting games with others as well as chat with them and maybe even find love, as the developer suggests. There’s also a dedicated app for iPhone users.

5 – Bebo:


Bebo made its way to the online terrain nearly 8 years ago and was founded by Michael and Xochi Birch. When you sign up and become a member, you can seamlessly create a personal profile page for slapping across photos, blogs, messages, videos, and music bits. Some of its more recent features read as Social Inbox and Lifestream Platform. The former lets you keep all your messages in one common, user-friendly place and features updates from Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, Gmail and media recommendations.

And similar to Facebook, this space too boasts of hosting a new Timeline aspect. This attribute displays your life events in chronological order by laying out stories, videos, pictures and special events that relevant to your past, present and future. You can further take advantage of fun online games through this portal.

6 – Gaia Online:

Gaia Online

Although this contender is a bit different from the other sites similar to MyYearbook in our roundup, it still offers similar social connectivity options. One of its main unique points is its cute animated characters which act as your online avatars. You’ll be able to endow your onscreen self with tons of clothes, accessories, hairstyles, weapons, and pets.

Founded nearly a decade ago, this website lets you make new friends and discuss topics like sci-fi, fantasy, comics, politics, anime, and fashion. There are some fantastic games like zOMG!, pinball, fishing, word puzzles, and jigsaws are also thrown into the amalgamation.


The social networking website in question no longer goes by the christened name that it was blessed with back in 2005. Since last year, it’s been renamed as Meet Me. With this title alteration and re-branding, it aims to show its true intent, which is helping individuals make new friends. Now, if you’re looking for alternatives that enable you to do just that as well as keep in touch with friends and family members, then you’ve come to the right place. Simply pick out your favorites from our sites like MyYearbook list, sign on the respective dotted lines and you’re good to go. But before jumping into the online social sector, don’t forget to leave your desired mentions in the box below.