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7 Sites Like Kickstarter

Sites Like Kickstarter

The sites like Kickstarter lined up here help fuel your desire to start your very own project. It could be anything from a whacky yet useful idea to a unique, one-of-a-kind solution. You can rely on these alternatives to breathe life into your creations. Through these crowd-funding websites, millions of individuals across the globe are able to give vent to their creative side and even turn their thoughts into successful items. It’s quite simple. You put forth your creative ideas and the people who want to see them materialize, pledge their money and bet their green bucks on you.

1 – RocketHub:


‘Launch, Fund and Fly!’ is the tagline attached to RocketHub. The brains behind this website call on all creative souls to harness the power of the crowd. The portal allows you to create, learn, connect and even give back to the individuals that supported you through your endeavors. As far as the ‘fuelers’ are concerned, the site offers a credible environment where they can easily lend support to the ‘creatives’ and their projects. The different categories strewn across here include business, technology, music, philanthropy, politics, education, food, visual art, social experiments, dance, science and journalism, among others. So take your pick.

2 – GoFundMe:


GoFundMe is yet another crowdfunding platform in our sites similar to Kickstarter roster. However, besides just raising money for creative projects, this one enables you to acquire cash for various other reasons. This includes accidents and personal crisis, celebrations and special events, competitions and pageants, funerals and tributes, medical and healing, volunteer and service, and charities.

If you or your organization wants to be funded, then all you have to do is simply create your site where you can post your story to attract support, exploit the integrated online fundraising tools, receive real-time donations and track results. This website comes in handy while raising funds for non-profits, schools and sports teams.

3 – Feed the Muse:

Feed The Muse

‘What feeds your muse?’, quips the developer of the Feed the Muse website. Its mission is to fuel the creative spirit and provide a congenial social setting for professional writers, musicians, master gardeners, photographers, filmmakers, chefs, artists, and others. Intrigued? Well, first you must create your profile that comprises of pictures, the fundraising pitch, your goals and even donor benefits, and then reach out to your friends, family members and fans for their support. Feeding the Muse aims to ‘fuel creativity $1 at a time.’

4 – Indiegogo:


‘Go fund yourself,’ exclaims the next inclusion in our Kickstarter alternatives array. The international crowdfunding site dubbed Indiegogo was founded 4 years ago and has garnered the interest of many individuals since then. You can raise money for all types of campaigns by simply notifying people about your cause and what sort of perks they might receive if they lend a helping hand and become contributors. You’ll also be able to make it a global affair thanks to the website’s merit-based algorithm called gogo factor which tracks your campaign’s level of activity. Whether its creative ideas, for-profit ventures or personal needs, you can be sure you’ll find an audience that’s interested in your special cause. And even if you want to fund a creative idea or special cause, you’ll discover that there are different respective sub-categories listed directly on the website.

5 – GoGetFunding:


Raise money for life-changing plans, causes, events, and projects through GoGetFunding. It could be anything from crowdfunding a creative idea to funding your aeronautical degree that seemed like only a dream. When you visit this site, you have the option of either raising money for a particular cause or donating money in an endeavor to supports others. The projects featured here can be anything from essential to entertaining. What’s more, the fundraisers get to keep all the cash they’ve acquired even though the funding target wasn’t met. You can raise money for personal plans, causes, events and anything else that matters to you.

6 – Razoo:


Razoo’s mission is to become an inspiring place where one can donate and raise money online. This entrant in our sites similar to Kickstarter lineup was founded more than half a decade ago by the people who ‘want to make generosity a part of everyday life.’ You can support your favorite cause by creating a fundraiser all by yourself. Even non-profit organizations can take complete advantage of the available user-friendly tools for fundraising projects and accepting online donations. There are already 1 million officially registered nonprofit groups present here. Furthermore, you don’t need to dabble in any monthly subscription fees or setup fees for putting forth your own fundraiser. Razoo also has an iPhone app that allows you to manage your fundraiser, view your progress, keep track of each donation, post updates, appeal for funds and even thank all your well-wishers.

7 – Quirky:


Since it launched in 2009, Quirky has strived to make inventions accessible to the public at large. Being an inventor is definitely not easy. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration while giving your ideas a definite shape like distribution, financing, legalities, and engineering. Well, Quirky takes care of all these aspects. The ideas and products put forth by inventors are voted by the site visitors and company employees. The final ones are then manufactured and marketed by Quirky itself. Each week, the company brings to the forefront of 2 brand new consumer products. What’s more, there’s also an iOS app for making friends, submitting an idea, revising existing products and even voting for items.


Gone are the days where only big businesses had all the resources and funding to develop projects. Now any ordinary person with an extraordinary dream can make their vision become a reality, all thanks to sites like Kickstarter. The portal in question namely Kickstarter contains a plethora of categories such as film and video, comics, fashion, theater, photography, games, dance technology, publishing, design, music, art, and food. It could be anything from organic food to a new music record, you think it and the world fund it.

So which of the aforementioned ones will you avail of the next time you come up with a new idea or simply want to check out what ingenious inventions other people are cooking up? You can also jump into any of these delights if you feel like loosening your purse strings and donating for a cause.