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6 Sites Like iMGSRC

We’ve lined up a few sites like iMGSRC to satiate your photo sharing needs. The service in question allows you to conveniently upload images and share them with others. While it is available for free, you will have to create an account to start uploading. These simple features are also present in the substitutes we’ve listed out below, so let’s take a look at the alternatives.

1. Imgur:


Founded in 2009, Imgur is one of the most popular image hosting services available today. Free web hosting is one of its biggest highlights through which you’ll be able to upload multiple types of files including PNG, GIF, PDF, BMP and others apart from the usual JPEG format. There are limitations to the free service. Firstly, standard accounts can upload only 225 images and each of them must be 5MB or lesser. You’ll also have to deal with ads and getting your pictures deleted after 6 months of no views.

With a pro account for below $3 a month, you’ll have unlimited uploads, no pesky ads and 10MB size limits. Just so you know, images are automatically compressed if they go over the assigned size. A meme creator is also being offered with many templates. Imgur is available in Chrome as an extension and there are dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms.

2. TinyPic:


If you’re looking for sites like iMGSRC that offer quick uploads without the hassle of registering and getting your inbox spammed, then TinyPic could be just what you need. Here, you can not only share images, but videos and URLs as well. The process is simple – You first choose your file, add tags if necessary and then hit the upload button. Once the transfer is complete, you’ll be provided a unique URL that sends viewers directly to your content.

The company has added a resize feature that allows you to easily crop images to different sizes. And links can be sent directly to your Email ID. This service is being offered for free and your content is deleted after 90 days if not viewed. There are size limits to what you can upload. Videos can be up to 100MB in size, but not more than 5 minutes long. Also, the content hosted here is publicly visible and cannot be made private.

3. Photobucket:


Photobucket is a popular content hosting website that also powers TinyPic. Started back in 2003, this service allows you to store videos and it acts as an online community for interacting with others. For this service, you’ll have to sign up for either a free account or a paid subscription. Free members are entitled to 2GB of storage, while plus accounts have options from 20GB up to 500GB.

Uploaded content can be conveniently shared with others on social networks, via a link or through email. An image editor is also provided for tweaking pictures and adding effects as well as filters. These pictures can even be printed for a price. Photobucket is available as a dedicated app on multiple platforms including Windows, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

4. ImageShack:


Our next addition in the sites like iMGSRC array is ImageShack that has been converted into a paid-only image hosting service since January 2014. The company is currently offering two plans, one premium and the other business, that start at $2 per month. All subscriptions offer a 300MB limit for each file, various privacy settings, unlimited uploads, no ads and the option to embed photos on websites.

One of the major downsides here is that uploads are automatically converted into JPEG, but can be downloaded in the original format. If you’re skeptical about this service, you could give the 30-day free trial a chance before making a decision.

5. Flickr:


Flickr which is owned by Yahoo, is one of the largest image hosting services available on the internet. It allows you to upload full resolution pictures and even share them with others. Free accounts get a total of 1TB could storage, while paid members get double space. There’s also an option to only remove ads for a yearly subscription.

Once you register for an account here, you’ll automatically receive a profile page. The service also acts as a social network where you can join groups and comment on images hosted by others. If you’re a professional photographer or even an enthusiast, Flickr is amongst the best choices for sharing. What’s more, it can also be accessed on Android and iOS devices.

6. Picasa:


There are many sites like iMGSRC that offer integration with various social networks. Take Picasa for example. Owned by Google, your images hosted on Picasa Web Albums will be visible in your Google+ account. And if you’ve got a Google ID, you won’t need to register again. Each user gets 1GB of storage and more memory can be purchased which is shared across different services like Gmail and Drive.

The online service offers basic editing tools such as tagging people, adding captions and changing the orientation. For advanced customization options, the Picasa software is available for Windows and Mac computers for free.


So what are your thoughts on these sites like iMGSRC? There are some very viable choices here that cater to different types of needs, be it professional photography, quick sharing or backing up of pictures. Most importantly, nearly all of them offer free access and subscriptions aren’t that costly. If you’ve got any suggestions for this roster, be sure to let us know by dropping a name or two below.