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7 Sites Like Flickr

The following sites like Flickr are fashioned especially for all you shutterbugs out there. If snapping pictures is your passion and you need an apt alternative to the portal in question, well you’ve forayed onto the right space. Here, you’ll be bombarded with interesting options that enable you to seamlessly manage all your precious moments over the online terrain. What’s more, these sites even allow you to share your prized pictures with the public at large or only to a select few, according to your preferences. So without further ado, here’s our list of super substitutes.

1 – DeviantArt:


If it falls under the artistic category, then you’re sure to stumble upon it within the confines of DeviantArt. Whether you’re a budding photographer or the next Leonardo da Vinci, you can showcase your artworks as well as discuss various topics related to the subject, right here. According to the developer, the site was created to ‘entertain, inspire, and empower the artist in all of us.’ It hit the scene in August 2000 and has since attracted not only the targeted audience but also other individuals who are curious about art. When you surf through the web pages, you’ll be able to find original artworks, sculptures, digital art, cartoons, paintings, films, anime, and pixel art. You can sign up for free.

2 – Fotki:


Looked upon as the ‘organic, fat-free photo and video sharing site,’ this inclusion in our sites similar to Flickr launched way back in 1998. It allows you to safely store, create backups and even share pictures and video clips as well as make new friends with other like-minded individuals from across the globe and showcase your masterpieces on acclaimed gallery interfaces. The highlight of this portal is that it can easily hoard an unlimited number of photos. It’s also a good option to turn to especially when you’re scouting around for a professional photographer or a platform on which to sell your prints. Fotki further earns bonus points for its photo products and prints section. And there’s even an iOS app crafted for the website.

3 – ImageShack:


This particular image-hosting website made waves across the scene in November 2003. And like its yellow frog mascot, it leaped out with a number of interesting features and tools that allowed you to seamlessly upload, save and share your media bits onto the website with ease.

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Coming back to the handy tools ImageShack boasts of, well this list reads as Dropbox sync, syndicate, a convenient sidebar, and SkyPath app. The latter is an Android and iOS application that lets you transfer files and folders across a variety of gadgets. Sign up and registration is free so, don’t hesitate another second.

4 – Photobucket:


‘Your life, your stories,’ is the call to arms here. This entrant in our Flickr alternatives roster lets you upload every single picture or video, irrespective of whether you’ve seated right in front of the computer or on the go. For making the latter possible, Photobucket has dished out respective Android and iOS apps for mobile devices. What’s more, there’s an innovative online photo editor that comes complete with filters, photo effects, and editing tools. You’re also invited to become a modern storyteller by transforming your pictures into stories. You can further share your stuff safely and securely with friends, family members or all those who are interested in marveling at your snapping brilliance. You can sign up for a free Photobucket account.

5 – Picasa (Now Google Photos):


This photo-sharing website emerges from the house of Google. As the company reveals, if you own a Google account, you’ll be entitled to 1GB free storage capacity for pictures and videos. And in case you need more hoarding space, you can purchase 25GB and 100GB extra for $2.49 and $4.99 per month, respectively.

Still not satisfied? Well, you can even take advantage of up to 16TB. What’s more, the improved photo uploader now sees the elimination of the 5-at-a-time limit while adding the video support capability.

6 – Shutterfly:


What do you bargain for when you opt for this particular contender in our sites similar to Flickr roundup? Well for one, you can expect free unlimited picture storage brilliance. Founded in 1999, its Shutterfly’s mission is to ‘make the world a better place by helping people share life’s joy.’

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And besides just allowing you to store, enhance and share your digital pictures, the portal even delivers vibrant prints of the same, some complete with back-of-print messaging for free if you wish. You can further tweak your images with personalized captions and opt from over 400 colorful borders.

7 – SmugMug:


Devoted to priceless photos, SmugMug helps back up your precious memories, worry-free. Whether it’s preserved in photo or video, you’ll be able to save them all right here. The website further proffers advanced privacy features as well as watermarking for piracy prevention.

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Through this portal, you can easily share pictures via email, blogs, forums, Twitter and Facebook. You can either indulge in a free trial or avail of its many pricing schemes that begin at $5 per month for the Basic version.


Flickr caught the attention of snap-happy individuals ever since it launched nearly a decade ago. Currently owned by Yahoo!, the image and video hosting portal enable you to upload photos, discover what friends and close ones are raving about and last but not least, the ability to safely share pictures via Twitter, Facebook, blogs and email.

Now if you’re looking to procure a few alternatives then you’ll definitely find your handful amongst our sites like Flickr lineup. So snap them up immediately and don’t forget to leave your suggestions in the comment box below.

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