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8 Sites Like Deviantart

Sites Like Deviantart

The following 8 sites like Deviantart will surely put a smile on your face, especially if you’re an art enthusiast. If you thought that the website in question was the only great portal to turn to for paintings and drawings, well we urge you to think again. The World Wide Web has a few noteworthy options that cater exclusively to artists and the creative niche at large. They each have their own plus points which make them a unique bunch when pitted against the sea of seemingly similar delights. Talented individuals strewn all across the globe can hop onto any of the sites mentioned below to satiate their huge appetite for art.

1 – Shadowness:


Shadowness began as a personal art project by Meng To more than a decade ago. Now, it’s fathomed to be an art community that serves more than 50,000 designers and artists as well as interested viewers and web surfers. The main aim of this site is to bring skilled people scattered across the four corners of the globe, closer to each other so that they can connect and share their brilliant work through one platform. So what exactly can you do here? Well, you can create a portfolio, upload your own avatar and even fashion exciting themes. You’ll even be rewarded with Experience Points and other benefits when you contribute to the site. Furthermore, you can join art groups and follow interesting discussions that matter to you. Social butterflies can further share their work with others through Twitter and Facebook.

2 – Fur Affinity:

Fur Affinity

One glance at the title ‘Fur Affinity’ and you must’ve already guessed that it’s not your conventional art website. This entrant in our sites similar to Deviantart list primarily focuses on creative expressions and deals with things that pertain to anthropomorphic-themed art. Here, you can share your individual creative talents as well as follow desired artists via comments, watches, and faves. And although the site has been fashioned for fans of the furry sort, the developer has revealed that any type of art or theme is acceptable. So let your creativity flow without any inhibitions.

3 – CGSociety:


CGSociety – Society of digital artists offers interested individuals who fall within this category, a platform to connect with one another through a wide range of services. You can easily become a registered member and share your work, improve your skills, tell your stories and even advance in your particular field, all with the help of CGSociety. Wondering what else you can do while visiting the site? Well, as the creator reveals, you can browse through the best 2D and 3D works of art that are available on the portal as well as check out CGTalk forums, news, and features, subscribe to the CGS Newsletter and enroll in a CGWorkshop.

4 – Artspan:


Artspan hit the virtual scene in 1999 and has become a reliable contemporary art destination for not only artists but photographers and artisans as well. Each member has its own site and domain name that can be acquired through the browser search window. You can also punch in Artspan keywords and conduct category searches to get to the desired spot with ease. As the developer states, the website is ‘a preferred destination for collectors, consultants, designers, and others with specific needs.’ It also enables contemporary art connoisseurs to seamlessly search through regional, alphabetical and category/subcategory directories.

5 – Artrift:


The next inclusion in our Deviantart alternatives array is an online community that is designed for animators, artists, and creative minds. We’re talking about Artrift, a virtual portal that allows you to discover and explore different works of art that are uploaded by other skilled individuals. You can also be discovered by others at Artrift. According to the creator, the website kicked off with a vision to motivate, inspire and help artists situated all around the world. It’s a digital art network that enables you to share your art with others. So ‘explore, discover and be yourself’ while you’re here.

6 – The Art Colony:

The Art Colony

The Art Colony is noted to be a virtual open studio for drawing, painting and mixed media. It’s a fun online art community that lets artists of all skill levels upload their masterpieces, receive tips, ask questions and even make new friends that share similar interests. This space is allotted especially for chatting about art and connecting with other artists. The developer calls on all your art enthusiasts to ‘rejuvenate your creative juices.’ You can add all your drawings, paintings and mixed media artworks to your profile by simply hitting on the My Artwork option. You’ll even be able to share ideas through your blog posts.

7 – Elfwood:


Do you love sketching fairies, dragons, elves, mythical beasts and other such fantasy elements in your spare time? Well, then Elfwood is just the place for you. You can simply let loose and splash your drawings of all things fantasy and sci-fi for others to awe at. The world of magic, adventure and quests have always intrigued us, and those who love expressing the same through paintings and literature can share their creations with other fans through this platform. This particular contender in our sites similar to Deviantart lineup which launched just 5 years ago, provides an easy-to-navigate site where talented people can retreat to and share their creations online.

8 – Fanart Central:

Fanart Central

The online art community known as Fanart Central is your one-stop-shop for exhibiting your works of art as well as discussing about art and all its forms with other like-minded individuals via forums comments. Also known as FAC, it supports general fanart and all things creative as well. There are various categories and sections to take advantage of here. Some of these options read as cartoons, manga, video games, movies and anime, among others. And if you’re looking out for original art, then there are separate sections for that as well, like furries and fantasy.


The 8 sites like Deviantart are fashioned for those who exhibit a creative streak and simply love dabbling in art. Whatever be your preferred theme, you can be sure to find a suitable website that will meet your criteria. So if you like to draw anime art, tribal designs or fantasy characters, you’ll definitely find a medium that allows you to showcase your brilliant works of art. And once you zero in on that particular platform, do enlighten us with your choices by leaving a comment or two in the box below.