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9 Sites Like DealExtreme

Shopaholics searching for sites like DealExtreme have landed at the right spot. Shopping online is certainly a fun activity and if you simply adore all kinds of gadgets and gizmos, we’re sure you’re spending an ample amount of time surfing the internet for websites that offer you all these tech treats at a great price. The 9 choices we’ve gathered here allow you to sit back, glance through the various products each one has to offer and hit the bright ‘buy’ button.

1 – DinoDirect:


Noted to be a cross-border online store, DinoDirect boasts of providing wide-eyed shoppers with high quality products, reasonable prices, a wide selection of items and worldwide free shipping. The inventory contains a variety of commodities like home and garden products, jewelry, computers, electronics and car accessories. And as the company’s slogan reads, ‘saving is believing,’ its aim is to aid families scattered all across the globe, save more and live happier. What’s more, you needn’t be sitting in front of your PC or notebook to order items from here. Anyone wielding an Android-powered or iOS device can acquire the DinoDirect app directly on their portable gadgets and order items even while on the go.

2 – PriceAngels:


Truly perceived to be the cherub of all cost tags, PriceAngels proffers a whole slew of high quality products at wholesale prices and even guarantees free shipping anywhere around the globe. Whether you’ve jumped online as a retailer, wholesaler or individual shopper, the website aims to satisfy all your shopping needs. It claims to provide cool gadgets that fall under diverse categories like mobile phones, computers and electronic devices. Besides its New Arrivals and Special Offer sections, the site even includes a $0.99 Gadgets segment which features products that range between $0.99 and $4.99. So, all those who have some spare dollars lying around in their wallets or purses can purchase something interesting for just a minimal price. Their cart can include the universal spider mount holder stand grip, screw driver for PSP/Xbox 360 or a native style charming knit design bracelet anklets.

3 – Lightake:


Simply dubbed as Lightake, this entrant in our sites similar to DealExtreme lineup is based in Hong Kong and boasts of storing a large collection of cool gadgets that are tagged with the best prices. And although the company is situated in China, it still caters to customers dotted anywhere across the world. Whether its flashlights, iPod accessories, computer parts, NDS accessories, peripherals or any other cheap gadget, Lightake will deliver all this and more without charging even a cent for shipping the same to you. Looking out for products that might range within the $5 – $20 category? Well simply visit the website and scroll down to the Price Range section where you’ll see a variety of slots that start at $0 – $5 and conclude at $200+.

4 – Focalprice:


If the creator of Focalprice is to be believed, this particular online shopping website features more than 70,000 items strewn across nearly 100 different categories. What’s more, you can expect pocket-friendly prices and even free home delivery by airmail. The various products that are up for grabs here include cell phones, sunglasses, watches and plush toys. And similar to PriceAngels, this website also offers $0.99, $1.99, $4.99, $9.99, $14.99 and $29.99 individual bargain deals. So chose you slot and start shopping.

5 – Tmart:


As the developer of the Tmart website reveals, this inclusion in our DealExtreme alternatives roster offers its customers a wide product selection, reliable pre-sale and after-sale services, and competitive prices. The online store houses everything from accessories for the car, computer, video games and mobile phones to LED flashlights and consumer electronics. And as you might have already guessed, it delivers all your desired goods right to your doorstep absolutely free of cost, irrespective of whether you reside in America or Africa. Enjoy sections like All Gadgets Under $1.99, $2 – $4.99, $5 – $9.99 and Above $10. There’s also a mobile app available for the iPhone, iPod touch and Android-powered devices so that you can easily track your orders anytime, anywhere as well as access your wish lists and shopping cart while on the go.

6 – BestOfferBuy:


Claiming to be the ‘cheapest wholesale electronics source you will find online,’ BestOfferBuy hit the online scene nearly a decade ago and has since garnered the interest of many tech enthusiasts from all over the globe. Based in China, the website carries more than 60,000 quality products and of course, offers free shipping worldwide. Furthermore, you can choose the way you want to pay for the product. This means, you can easily opt for credit card, PayPal or bank account paying methods when purchasing your desired item. And as stated on the company’s webpage, shipping from Hong Kong to destinations like US, Australia and Europe would typically take just 5 to 14 business days.

7 – Suntekstore:


The developer of Suntekstore stresses on the fact, ‘Live green, buy smart.’ This next contender in our sites similar to DealExtreme array has been gracing the internet waves with its presence since 2001. Known for its cool gadgets and accessories that are offered at bargain prices, the website even provides a whole slew of environment-friendly devices such as solar products like solar toys, chargers, lights, panels and fountains. You can purchase these items by using either your PayPal account or credit card through the PayPal website option. Some of its features include free shipping, low prices, easy-to-order facility and a 60-day return policy. And if you’re a keeper of unique objects, then we suggest you definitely take a peek at its innovative product line.

8 – TomTop:


The China wholesale center TomTop forayed onto the scene in June 2004 and since boasts of offering free shipping of goods and free coupons. The website specializes in products such as mobile phone accessories, home and garden items, video games, clothing items, jewelry, computer accessories, media players and other such delights. When you stride to this virtual area, you can expect to be bombarded with the best prices, a variety of products, 1-year warranty, free coupons, free shipping and even points and rewards. Take advantage of specialized Deals and New Arrivals sections that are present across the site.

9 – ChinaBuye:


Established just 6 years ago, ChinaBuye caters to over 200 countries scattered across the globe. This China-based online supermarket specializes in transitional electronic products, both wholesale as well as retail. Some of the items that are present on its list include LED products, cell phone accessories, mobile phones, outdoor gadgets, game accessories, indoor gadgets, auto parts and computer accessories, among others. Your online order will be processed within a period of 18 hours after you’ve made the payment. And similar to the aforementioned gems, this one also provides free shipping to any country or region around the world. There’s also a 1-year warranty offered on all products.


We hope you have plenty of cash to spare as the 9 sites like DealExtreme house plenty of goodies that simply cannot be given a miss. What’s more, all these products sit pretty across the web page sporting attractive subsidized price tags. So prepare to fill up that virtual shopping cart and let us know what you thought about our selection. Do you have a few of your favorite websites that are worth giving a mention here? Enlighten us with your choice by dropping in your suggestions here.

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