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7 Sites Like Crackle

Sites Like Crackle

Movie buffs can rely on our 7 sites like Crackle for their daily dose of entertainment. You can gorge on any of the following delights for satisfying your inner film fanatic. What’s more, you don’t have to hit your local theater or video rental stores when you’re in the mood for a good flick. You can even keep your TV guide back in the magazine rack as the various options lined up here let you choose your entertainment for the evening. All you have to do is remember to stock up on loads of popcorn and movie munchies.

1 – Hulu:

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Most movie enthusiasts will need no introduction to Hulu. But for those of you who might be oblivious to what this online video service is all about well, it provides you with a plethora of movies, clips, videos and shows by more than 350 content companies. The extensive list includes names like NBC Universal, Lionsgate, MGM, FOX, ABC, Comedy Central, Sony Pictures, National Geographic, Warner Bros., Paramount and MTV Networks. Want to indulge in some primetime TV hits at your own leisure? Hulu also offers shows like Saturday Night Live, Glee, The Colbert Report, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jersey Shore, The Office and Modern Family. There are even Hulu original video productions to take advantage of such as The Morning After and A Day in the Life.

2 – Netflix:

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Netflix brings the film world fun directly to your PC, Mac or TV screen. This certainly makes it an ideal option for exploiting when relatives come over for the weekend or if you simply want to spend some quality time with your immediate kin by watching a great family-friendly flick in the comfort of your home.

YouTube video

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For over a decade now, Neflix has been entertaining movie buffs and ‘serial sighters’ residing in the UK, the US, Ireland, Canada and Latin America. However, this particular entrant in our sites similar to Crackle list requires you to part ways with a little under $8 per month.

3 – Full Classic Movies:

Full Classic Movies

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Besides capturing the fancy of film fans via the internet space, Crackle also allows tech enthusiasts to view content anytime, anywhere. This is made possible through the respective apps fashioned for iOS and Android-powered devices. Now, catering to that very same niche is Full Classic Movies. Wondering what’s on the platter here? Well, as the name aptly suggests, you’ll be bombarded with over 500 full length old classic movies. What’s more, you can even share the nostalgic picks with friends and family by watching them on a TV screen if your handset or tablet supports HDMI output. The list of categories includes biography, drama, horror, sci-fi, musical, thriller, romance, comedy, animation, adventure, film-noir, family, fantasy and crime, among others. The Full Classic Movies app can be downloaded from Google Play absolutely free of cost.

4 – Blockbuster:


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Blockbuster, the next inclusion in our Crackle alternatives roster, caters not only to movie lovers but gamers as well. It boasts of hoarding a large list of games as well as films that extends across different categories like romantic comedies, action flicks and family films. And according to the developer of Blockbuster, there is a sea of over 1,00,000 movies currently available in its virtual library. You can rent content online and even avail of an in-store exchange system for free rentals. Don’t have a Blockbuster store down your lane? Well, you can always opt for the ‘By Mail’ service where the game or film you want gets sent right to your front door. Further enticing customers is the founder’s statement that new releases can be expected to hit this platform nearly a month before Redbox or Netflix can even offer the same.

5 – Amazon Instant Video:

Amazon Instant Video

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Amazon Instant Video is your one stop shop for viewing content that ranges from classics to latest films as well as last night’s TV show you missed because you were out partying with your buddies. The internet video on demand service has delighted movie enthusiasts strewn across US for nearly half a decade now. Furthermore, it also offers instant streaming on various tech platforms such as Roku, Blu-ray players, PC, Kindle Fire, Mac and good old television sets. The website enables you to either rent your desired content or purchase the same through the web. There’s even a Prime subscription that can be acquired by shelling out just $80 per year. This service features the new Kindle Owners’ Lending Library as well as Prime instant videos and free 2-day shipping.

6 – HBO GO:


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If you love switching to the HBO channel on your TV set, then you’ll definitely love this particular contender in our sites similar to Crackle array. We’re talking about a solution that’s dubbed simply as HBO GO. The VOD service forayed across the virtual scene in 2008 tagged with the line ‘it’s HBO. Anywhere.’ It provides standard as well as high definition content like movies, sports, HBO original shows and more than 1,400 programs. You can jump right into the exciting content via your handy iOS and Android-powered mobile gadgets. It’s also available on AT&T, Google TV, Verizon FIOS, U-verse and Comcast.

7 – Vudu:


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We finally conclude with the mention of Vudu which allows you to spend your days watching classics or any of the newest flicks, depending on your mood. Claiming to ‘stream hundreds of new releases before they’re on Netflix,’ this entertainment service provides HDX quality content that’s packed to brim with Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound and 1080p full HD resolutions. This collectively offers you a complete theater experience, well, minus the crowd and those long intervals. It even lets you view TV shows like Sherlock, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, House, Game of Thrones, The Vampires Diaries, Family Guy and Dexter. What’s more, there’s no need to dabble in any monthly subscription, contracts or late fees. All you have to do is spend $2 for 1 movie for 2 whole nights.


Craving for a chic flick at 3 a.m. in the morning? You and your pals want to watch a great horror film while at a sleepover? Simply check out our aforesaid 7 sites like Crackle and opt for your desired movie, TV series, documentary or sitcom. So if you want flicks that are overflowing with action, adventure, horror, comedy or romance, you’ll definitely find your pick via any one of our listed choices. And once you zero in on your reliable gem, do punch its title into the comment box located just below.

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