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8 Sites Like Amazon

Sites Like Amazon

The following sites like Amazon let you purchase your desired items without leaving the comfort of your own home. Hitting the malls, shopping arcades or the local store may not be fun for everyone. Many would prefer to just sit back and pick up their products online. That’s where the website in question and all the other options mentioned here come in. What’s more, they might even entice you with some meaty discounts. And besides just allowing you to shop, you can also sell just about anything through many of these portals. Take a look.

1 – eBay:


This particular gem seems to be on a par with the biggest online shopping site in question. It was founded in 1995 and noted to be an online auction and shopping destination. Here, small businesses as well as just about anyone can buy and sell different products, minus too many hassles. You can dabble in a plethora of items that include fashion, toys and hobbies, electronics, collectibles and art, entertainment, sporting goods, motors and crafts, among others. The highlight here is that you get to bid for the objects strewn across this virtual plane.

2 – Barnes & Noble:

Barnes & Noble

If it’s the books section that beckons you to the Seattle-based online retailer, then you might want to give this inclusion in our sites similar to Amazon array a try. You’ll be able to spot books that are categorized under new releases, award winners, coming soon, NY Times bestsellers, B&N top 100, best books of the month, bestsellers by subjects and trending books. Whether its fiction, mystery, business, religion, fantasy, cookbooks or biographies, you can be sure you’ll find your desired gem right here. And besides just the bookworm fest, the portal even offers other products like toys, games, DVDs, electronics and music.

3 – Etsy:


Looking for something different, unique and exciting online? Well, you’ll be able to find objects that fit these criteria and then some. It mostly focuses on handmade goods, vintage items and even supplies for creating different products. Through this virtual space, you can also come in contact with shoppers, makers and curators strewn all over the globe. Furthermore, you’ll be able to espy various topics that read as knitting, candles, beauty, paper goods, music, bags and purses, accessories, housewares, glass, jewelry, furniture and books.

4 – Overstock:


Noted to be an online discount retailer, this entrant in our Amazon alternatives roster deals with different products and has been around since over a decade now. It offers its customers objects such as rugs, furniture, clothing, electronics, travel, jewelry, bedding, insurance and cars. As the company reveals, you can expect to be bombarded with clearance prices that won’t eat right through your pocket. So, head right to Overstock and ‘start saving.’

5 – Best Buy:

Best Buy

The company behind this endeavor has been around since 1966 and has rapidly grown to meet the needs of all its consumers, both online and retail sorts. The product line listed here includes mobile phones, movies, audio and MP3, musical instruments, toys and games, appliances, home, cameras and camcorders, car, office and video games, to name a few. There is no shortage of delicious deals too, what with enticing offers like clearance and more, deal of the day and hottest deals making its presence felt across the portal.

6 – Buy.com:


This contender in our roundup of sites similar to Amazon started in 1997 by selling electronics and computers. Now 15 years down the line, it has expanded its inventory to accommodate other categories as well such as clothing, jewelry, arts and crafts, antiques and collectable, accessories, wine, food, video games, books, home and households, toys, health, beauty and sporting goods. The motto here is ‘why pay more when you can pay less?’ You can further take complete advantage of ‘deal of the day’ items and even sell your products on its marketplace.

7 – iOffer:


‘Simple, social, shopping,’ is the call to arms here. It’s a place where you can buy, sell and trade just about anything under the sun. Launched in 2002, the portal deals in a variety of categories like clothing and accessories, movies and television, jewelry and watches, coins and money, electronics, computers, music, toys and games, sports goods, travel, crafts and real estate. And when you proceed to sell your items, you’ll find that you won’t have to bother with any listing fees. What’s more, you’ll even be able to import your products and ratings from eBay as well as other online sources.

8 – Bonanza:


For Her, For Him, For Everyone – these are the different sections you can expect to see when you jump onto this portal. It has a wide collection of items that are bundled in categories such as fashion, crafts, health and beauty, collectables, DVDs, books, pottery and glass, entertainment memorabilia, toys, coins and money, baby and antiques, jewelry, watches, home, garden and gift ideas. The impressive inventory boasts of hoarding more than 4 million items. Now that’s certainly a lot to choose from.


Amazon might be just the e-place to head to for satisfying the shopaholic in you. But when you want to scout all your options, you can rely on the aforementioned sites like Amazon. They have some great features that’ll surely entice any virtual shopper that has an eye for a good deal. So what are you waiting for? If you’re simply itching to get your hands on some nifty products online, well we suggest you head right into each of these portals and hit that ‘buy now’ button. But before you do that, don’t forget to pen down your favorites in the box situated just below.

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