SiS761CX/SiS966 Embedded Chipsets have be Implemented in IEI KINO-761AM2 Motherboard

IEI KINO-761AM2 embedded motherboard with SiS761CX/SiS966/SiS307LV SiS has revealed that its SiS761CX/
SiS966 embedded chipsets are being used in IEI KINO-761AM2 motherboard, which has been developed for the AMD platform.

IEI KINO-761AM2 is a Mini-ITX form factor and RoHS-compliant motherboard. It has been designed to be compatible with AMD Socket AM2 processors covering AMD AthlonT64, AthlonT64X2 Dual Core, and SempronT processors. It supports DDR2-800 memory up to 4GB. Interestingly, the IEI KINO-761AM2 motherboard does not merely provide VGA, LVDS, and HDTV outputs, but also equips Dual PCIe Gb Ethernet slot, 4 RS-232 connectors, 6 USB2.0 ports, AC’97 audio codec, 4 SATAII connectors supporting RAID0, 1, and JBOD.

With regards to the image quality, SiS’ proprietary MirageT1 graphics engine and the SiS307LV video bridge chipset are key points of IEI KINO-761AM2 motherboard. With support of MirageT1 graphics engine and the SiS307LV video bridge chipset, KINO-761AM2 motherboard makes possible to support dual display and wide screen.

The SiS307LV video bridge chipset incorporates a NTSC/PAL video encoder for TV display along with a dual link LVDS transmitter with bi-linear scaling ability for TFT LCD panel display. Putting all these features and functions of the SiS307LV video bridge chipset together, the IEI KINO-761AM2 motherboard has the capability of fulfilling user’s requirements for delivering high definition video through large size monitor.

The SiS761CX chipset has an excellent design. It packs in SiS proprietary HyperStreamingT technology to effectively manage the data transmission process in order to optimize the system performance.

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