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SiS671 and SiS771, Windows Vista-Ready Chipsets introduced by SiS

Silicon Integrated Systems, more commonly known as SiS introduced new chipsets which are compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista. The latest chipsets, the SiS671 and the SiS771 series, have been designed for Intel and AMD platforms respectively. It has only been a few weeks since Windows Vista has been released for businesses. Hence, to keep up with the new operating system trend, SiS has actively been involving itself in the development of new technology which is compatible with the same.

Basically, Windows Vista requires hardware support of 800MHz CPU, 512MB memory, and a Direct X9-support graphics processor, in order to process a large volume of data. However, if one requires a much more efficient and advanced operating performance, Windows Vista would require having hardware equipment of a 1GHz CPU, 1GB memory, 128 graphics memory and of course the much highly anticipated Aero graphics interface.

The new chipsets from SiS, the SiS671 and the SiS771 series being Windows Vista-ready can easily be adopted in desktop PCs. Further they are also compatible with both AMD and Intel platforms.

As a desktop solution, SiS has provided the following chipsets for the Intel platform:

  • SiS671
  • SiS671FX
  • SiS671DX

Sis has provided the SiS771 chipset for AMD platform as an excellent desktop solution. Whereas the SiSM771 chipset is the best choice for AMD platform meant especially as a mobile solution, for laptops.

All of the new SiS Windows Vista-ready chipsets, expect for SiS671DX, integrates Mirage 3 graphics engine to support DX9. And this helps to provide excellent presentation of 3D images as well as high-definition video playback.

On the other hand, the SiS671DX is a high-end discrete chipset and is thus able to meet the requirements of gamers, which include the flexibility of upgrading the system by installing an add-on graphics card.Other features of Windows Vista include a much more efficient search engine and highly effective Internet security. Windows Vista also stands out for its better graphics interface and much more sufficient multimedia functions.

Besides, Windows Vista is much more efficient on power management, when compared to the Windows XP operating system. Since SiS Mirage 3 graphics engine has been integrated into practically all of the new Windows Vista-ready chipsets introduced by SiS, they adopt “Smart Dynamic Clock Gating” technology to easily adjust the clock frequency in the 2D and 3D conditions. In fact, less of graphics workload would result in lower clock frequency, so that there is reduced power-consumption.The transition of operating system from Windows XP to Windows Vista sets up a milestone for the development of PC industry. The Windows Vista ready chipsets, SiS just announced, will fully support this brand new system and let users completely enjoy the world of Windows Vista!” said Daniel Chen, CEO and President of SiS.