SiriusXM Lynx Portable Radio hits ‘now selling’ status

SiriusXM Lynx Portable Radio 1

The SiriusXM Lynx Portable Radio has arrived and it boasts of interesting features within a slick design for those addicted to entertainment on the go. Running on Android, the radio is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. It is complete with a large touchscreen display and should provide seamless connection with stereo speakers, headphones, vehicle stereo systems or other peripherals proffering Bluetooth connectivity.

What’s more, songs airing on radio can be played again from the beginning with Tune Start. Music lovers may also approve of another feature which allows for storing content being broadcasted over the waves. Users can create a library of up to 200 hours of programming from their preferred radio channels and hear it at a later time. There’s the option to access SiriusXM 2.0 features for satellite radio when the device is docked with the optional Lynx LV1 Vehicle Kit or the Lynx LH1 Home Kit for Lynx.

“Lynx gives subscribers the expanded SiriusXM 2.0 content lineup and advanced features, enabling time shifting and storage of content, offering listeners more control over the programming they subscribe to,” states Jim Meyer, President, Operations and Sales, SiriusXM. “Lynx will offer even more options to manage our exclusive and expertly curated content through future software updates.”

SiriusXM Lynx Portable Radio 2

Needless to say, listeners can pause and rewind music when tuned in and even replay up to 30 minutes of live SiriusXM content on the radio. Additionally, users may access replay content on the 5 displayed preset channels. Show Finder and Featured Favorites are some of the other functions proffered by Lynx for ardent radio lovers out there.

The SiriusXM Lynx Portable Radio price is $249.99 on the company’s official website as well as through The device can be expected to hit retail stores soon.