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Siri’s definition of mother is shocking iPhone users

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iPhone users have been asking random question to Siri for years, but the digital assistant still has a couple of surprises left up its sleeve to shock people. Case in point – scores of people have begun asking it to define the word mother.

The answer is innocent at first, with Siri simply rattling off the dictionary definition of the word mother, but things get interesting once it asks the user if they’d like to hear another definition. Saying yes to this will result in the AI informing them that mother is short for “motherfucker.”

Apple usually makes sure Siri doesn’t curse, so the loophole is pretty funny. It was first discovered on Reddit, with the poster simply telling people to try it out without revealing what the answer would be. A lot of people are pointing out just how strange Siri’s pronunciation of the word is in a British accent.

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We tried our hand at the trick by asking Siri to “define mother” and “define the word mother,” but this resulted in a long written response without any follow-up questions. We found better success when asking the voice assistant “mother definitions,” since that pulled up a dictionary card and a follow-up question.

It seems the Oxford English Dictionary is to blame for Siri’s cursing tongue. The authority has listed the offensive explanation as the second main definition, although it does come after several sub-definitions of the conventional meaning of the word.

Apple hasn’t done anything yet to stop Siri from spitting out swear words unexpectedly. It’s not exactly a bug on its part since it’s just following the dictionary’s description.