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Siri Slips Up And Reveals Date Of Next Apple Event

apple logo Apple’s voice assistant Siri has apparently revealed that the company plans to hold an event on April 20, where it may launch new products including 2021 iPads.

If you ask Siri “When is the next Apple Event,” it replies with “The special event is on Tuesday, April 20, at Apple Park in Cupertino, CA. You can get all the details on Apple.com.”

However, the company’s website did not include any information about the event, suggesting the message had been added to Siri prematurely.

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According to MacRumors, Siri is not providing the information in all instances and will in some cases simply refer you to Apple’s website for information on events, but multiple editors and readers have seen the premature information across Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac and HomePod.

Apple announced the iPad Pro in March last year and the latest models for 2021 are expected to arrive soon.

However, according to recent media reports, Apple has delayed the production of some MacBook and iPad models due to the global chip shortage.

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Some iPad assembly, meanwhile, was postponed because of a shortage of displays and display components, the report said.

Production plans for Apple’s iconic iPhones have so far not been affected by the supply shortage, although the supply of some components for the devices is “quite tight”.

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