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SingStar Bollywood PS2 Bundle unveiled in India

SingStar Bollywood Logo In October 2007, TechShout carried a feature on the launch of SingStar Bollywood, a PlayStation 2 game which will have you singing away to glory. It has since become popular as a must-have for any party. Now, Sony has unveiled a SingStar Bollywood Bundle in India, following the huge success that the game enjoyed since its launch.

The SingStar Bollywood Bundle comprises the SingStar Bollywood game, a PlayStation 2 console and 2 microphones.

The Bundle is priced at just Rs.7,990, allowing consumers to enjoy both the SingStar Bollywood game and the PlayStation 2 console at a cheaper price.

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The SingStar Bollywood Bundle is available in India exclusively at the following retailers:

  • Croma
  • Hypercity
  • Landmark
  • Odyssey
  • Planet M
  • Reliance Digital
  • Sony World
  • Sony Exclusive
  • Leading toy/game stores across the country
  • Besides providing a super-fun party experience, SingStar Bollywood is perfect for thos with a passion for crooning. The game offers star approval based on how accurately you sing your chosen song. The rating is based on factors like pitch and timing.

    Also, since two microphones are available in the SingStar Bundle, you will be able to sing along or against a partner, or even as a group of friends.

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