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20 Simple Tumblr Themes

Simple Tumblr Themes

The simple Tumblr themes are here to provide your blog with a serene and plain appearance. Just yesterday, we gave you 20 cute layouts that would help you endow your page with a dash of sugar, spice and color. Well, today we’re catering to all those of you who are eyeing a simple yet attractive theme. We have an extensive selection that comprises of various patterns, shades and layouts. So glance through our list, read the description attached to each, click on the respective links for a preview and download your favorites.

1 – Simplify:


Our first option truly reflects the topic at hand. It offers a plain layout that exuberates with white and gray hues. Although it might look a bit bland, the software still provides a clear and uncomplicated appearance.

2 – Simon:


Claimed to be of the adaptive sort, this easy-to-install layout allows you to customize it just the way you want. What’s more, its layout is targeted at writers with strong typography. According to the developer, it gives a ‘tailored view’ for the desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android-powered devices. The program further supports image replacement, oversized media, Disqus support, Twitter feed, retina ready and filter by tag menu.

3 – Kalalalani:


After shedding light on a couple of ‘light’ backdrops, we now bring forth an entity that proffers just the opposite. Created by Chris Kalani, this entrant in our roster hits the scene with a dark background. This shade comes in handy especially if you love posting bright pictures on your blog.

4 – UltraMnml:


With a responsive and clean design, this particular template is aimed at pleasing the power blogger. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or writer, the layout will suit all your requirements to the tee. It also looks good when viewed via your smartphone or tablet. You can take complete advantage of customizable color options, fonts, custom avatars, social feeds, Google Analytics and unlimited sidebar links.

5 – Ade:


Simply dubbed as Ade, the theme in question provides a clean and clear surface for you to work on. This seems to be a good suggestion especially for those of love to dabble in photography. Some of its features include faded images, ask and archive links, slickbox option, endless scrolling, reblog link on hover option and 3, 4, 5 or 6 column selections.

6 – Domericano:


This software comes complete with a minimal style approach that blesses your space with the Masonry effect, optional endless scrolling and pagination option. It’s easy to install and targets all sorts of portfolios and blogs. Here you can easily upload your own background and logo while availing of Disqus, Share This buttons and Google Analytics.

7 – Squared Folio:

Squared Folio

Looking for a fresh and clean layout that will perfectly complement your portfolio? Well, why not give this one a try? The software comes loaded with tantalizing attributes such as custom font replacement, Google Analytics, customization options, Google Maps support and an optional image slider. You’ll also be able to set up links to your social network accounts as well as upload your own logo.

8 – Quite Big:

Quite Big

With this inclusion in our array in place, your viewers will be bombarded with large helpings of your desired pictures and photographs. You can also exploit 10 custom colors, different sizes and fonts as well as center content options, kill Photoset option, header image upload, album art and Disqus comments.

9 – Focus:


Looked upon as a minimalistic and adaptive layout by its maker, this one lets you and your online visitors enjoy a clutter-free viewing experience, irrespective of whether it’s through a PC or portable gadget. You can even seamlessly alter the background images and color choices. The program also lends support to Flickr, Disqus, Dribble, Instagram, Twitter and Google Analytics.

10 – Cleanfolio:


One glance at the name it’s been christened with and you’ll immediately know just what to expect from its spread. This layout forays across the scene with support for Google Analytics as well as layout switcher, cross-browser compatibility, Nivo image slider, twitter feed, and custom fields. It’s extended towards small businesses and creative portfolios.

11 – GreyMatters:


As the title aptly suggests, you can expect a dollop of gray shades when you download this particular software. It also leaves aside any complexities or complicated layouts that may be hard on the eyes.

12 – Simple Things:

Option 12

With this theme, all your content will be splashed across your blog minus a cluttered look or any complications. You’ll get to fit in your data atop a subtle, grayish backdrop.

13 – Inkhorn:


Christened with a unique title, the program unveils for all of you who prefer to sink your teeth into a bookish template. It further offers features that read as customizable images and colors, localization and Disqus comments.

14 – Funkytional Sezeen:

Funkytional Sezeen

Looks like gray is the preferred color for individuals who are scouting the web for uncomplicated themes. This one invites you to paint your blog with a gradient shade of white and gray.

15 – Fifth Avenue:

Fifth Avenue

As the developers describe, ‘Fifth Avenue is as posh and polished as its Manhattan namesake.’ This full-frill grid theme fits your pictures and posts into an amalgamation of high-resolution tiles with infinitely-scrolling properties. It also includes profile-panel image feeds and a custom audio player.

16 – Minimal:


Here, there are absolutely no trims or frills decorating the layout. You’re only left with a plain white backdrop and a clean layout to relish.

17 – Headline:


This layout proffers a whole heap of customizable features which enables you to easily tweak the colors, fonts, background and header images. It also enters with featured tag navigation, streampad for audio playlists and Disqus comments, among other features.

18 – Strict:


Decent fonts and light backdrops are what you can expect from this brilliant software. It’s great for pairing with a delicious order of interesting content.

19 – People:


This crowd-pleaser strides out with 1, 2, or 3 column options as well as the header image, endless scrolling, and 9 title fonts such as Megrim, Lobster and Raleway.

20 – Stockholm:


The personal template featured here will definitely strike a chord with all those of you who love to portray fantastic illustrations and designs atop your page. It incorporates subtle patterns spread across a lightly accented palette.


As we saw yesterday, these templates are a great way of attracting the right type of crowd to your blog. Now if you were to dabble in a wedding subject and feature all things bridal, you don’t need to stick to one of those dreary templates. You can actually adorn your page with a background and layout that simply screams ‘marriage.’

But if you prefer to let your content do the talking for you while keeping a clean outline, then you can always opt for any of the aforesaid simple Tumblr themes. And don’t forget to enlighten us with your choices before leaving this spot.