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Sim2 Domino D60 Projector Introduced in US

Sim2 Domino D60 projector

Italian company Sim2 has introduced the new Domino D60, a single-chip DLP projection system. The 1080p projector is based on the latest DarkChip3 0.95-inch DMD chipset from Texas Instruments. The TI DarkChip3 technology incorporates BrilliantColor and Dynamic Black contrast-enhancement. The BrilliantColor improves optical efficiency, while the Dynamic Black contrast-enhancement enhances effective black-level.

Further the D60 features extended contrast (>10,000:1) and powerful brightness. Hence it promises to deliver crispy, colorful and blur-free visuals.

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For the connectivity options the D60 projector employs various input and output ports including dual HDMI inputs, component, and RGB-HD, 12v-trigger and also the versatility of powered vertical lens shift (+60/-40 percent). The Variable Iris, and 50-200-inch picture size are the other features of D60 projector.

“We now have three offerings under $10,000 that compete against anything else in this hot category,” said Charlie Boornazian’s SIM2’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “It’s important to our dealers that we offer a complete range of projectors that answer their full range of customer needs, and the new D60 delivers incredible 1080p picture quality and a tremendous value.”

The latest D60 projector is compatible all video standards including 1080p. Moreover it sports on-board processing for every important aspect ratio, 16:9, anamorphic, letterbox, and pixel-for-pixel.

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The Sim2 Domino D60 projector is available in black shadow matte finish for the price of $4,995 which is not bad for a home projector especially since it’s from Sim2.

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