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How To Sign Into Multiple Gmail Accounts

Login Multiple Gmail Accounts

Figuring out various ways that will allow you how to sign into multiple Gmail accounts can really be a hassle. But those were yesterday’s worries. With our complete guide on how to do it, you can be sure to get the job done within a matter of minutes. There are various reasons behind maintaining two or more email accounts, whether it’s from the same provider or not. And that’s obviously the main reason behind all your problems. If you’ve got mail accounts for different websites such as Yahoo or Windows Live, signing in to both accounts should be a piece of cake from the same browser. However, it’s not the same when your accounts come from the same company. So today we’re going to list out the most convenient way to get your Gmail accounts connected into one simple layout. And we can assure you that our method in no way includes an alternative browser or Chrome’s Incognito mode walkarounds.

1. Points to be noted –

Now before we begin, there are a few points that you should note down so you can sign into multiple Gmail accounts. Firstly, the ID used as the base of the multi-login session will be treated as the default account by Google. So that means if you log in to other products like Blogger and Picasa Web Albums, the default profile will be utilized even if you navigate around there through a second or third ID. And secondly, if you sign out from any Google service during the browsing session, all your Google accounts will get logged out at the same time. Currently, the multiple sign in feature is supported by YouTube, Web Search, Voice, Profiles, Maps, iGoogle, Google+ and Groups services as well as a few others. Also, mobile-optimized versions of the aforementioned products aren’t supported through the same browser.

2. Enabling the multiple sign-in feature –

Well, let’s get started with how you can sign into multiple Gmail accounts. The entire procedure shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time, so follow closely.

i. Since this method is supported by any web browser, pick your application choice and navigate to any of these services – Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs or Google+.

ii. Assuming that you’ve reached there, it’s now time to log in using any one of your accounts. (Remember when we stated about the default ID thingamajig? Well, chose your login account well as Google will maintain it as the base ID for the entire session)

Gmail Sign In

iii. If you’ve got everything sorted out and you’ve decided on which ID to go with, sign in through the given username and password input fields.

iv. Now that you’ve logged in, head over to the upper left corner of the interface, click on your email ID and select the Account Settings link.

Gmail Account Settings

v. On doing so, you should be directed to the Google accounts website. Under the Account Overview tab click on the edit option that’s in line with ‘Multiple sign-in’ written on the left.

Gmail Account Edit

vi. Ok, so here’s the final step. After following all the aforesaid steps, you should be presented with two options – one to turn on the multiple Google Accounts feature and the second to disable it. To complete the activation, hit the ‘On’ checkbox as well as the others within the yellow box and click ‘Save’.

Gmail Multiple Accounts On

3. Adding multiple accounts –

We’re not done just yet. Now with the main part finished, all that’s left to do is feed in the accounts you want to work with simultaneously. This process is simple too. Also, the maximum number of IDs Google allows is currently set to 10.

Gmail Switch Account

i. If everything went right, there should now be a ‘Switch account’ option inside the same tab as the Account settings option or logging in again is most likely to fix everything.

Second Account Login

ii. On selecting the newly appeared link, an option to sign into another account will be displayed through which a second ID can be added to the session.

Gmail Second Account

iii. Once you’re done, you can alternate between IDs through the ‘Switch account’ option.

Gmail Account Switch

4. Multiple account support for Gmail mobile app –

Gmail Mobile Accounts

If you’ve got the Gmail mobile app installed on your smartphone, you can use the multiple sign-in feature on it as well. All you have to do is run the application and log in, that’s if you already haven’t. From here on, hit the menu button and select the Accounts option. You should see you current ID displayed with the number of unread mails besides it. At the bottom of the interface tap on the ‘Add account’ option and follow the simple on-screen guide to complete the process. Also, duly note that this method is for the native Gmail for mobile app only and not the browser version.

So now that you know how to sign into multiple Gmail accounts from the same browser as well as your smartphone, you can forget about all those pesky and annoying alternatives. Our guide is sure to provide you a hassle free ride whilst working with two or more email IDs on Google services. Just so you know, to use a product that doesn’t support multiple accounts, you either have to sign out from all active IDs or use a different web browser to access that service. So give it a try and do let us know if things worked out for you or not.