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Sightmate LV920 lends clear eyesight to the visually impaired

Sightmate LV920

Technology lends its helping hand to the visually impaired with its latest invention in the field of medical science. Vuzix of Rochester, NY has developed this gadget of the future named Sightmate LV920, which will help giving a clear view to those who suffer from visual impairment.

The device will concentrate on lending support for people suffering from Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy. The Sightmate gadget resembles a futuristic laser device like the ones used in X-Men movie and can be worn as glasses and provides a clear view to the one facing issues with eyesight. The glasses use a 2 megapixel camera with edge detection, contrast enhancement and optical zoom to improve the user’s eyesight.

The vision device provides a twin high-resolution of 640×480 full color 24 bit LCD and displays with its clear 2 megapixel digital imager. The Sightmate LV920 glasses can zoom up to a range of 16-inches with its 3X Optical Zoom and 4X Digital Zoom and its distance zoom at 20 feet magnifies to a level of 0.5X – 6X. The technology is that smart that it fixes color blindness with an adjustable algorithm which can be activated using the controller provided with the glasses.

Furthermore, the Sightmate LV920 also provides additional features such as image inversion, and snap and pan capabilities. The device although seems to be very useful in improving the eyesight to the visually impaired but it limits itself only to a stationary position or sitting as the zoomed and enlarged vision will not be suitable to mobile activities like walking, running etc. At a price of $3499.00 and a deposit of $200.00 USD, the LV920 comes with a 30-days money back guarantee and is up for sale on the online stores.