iPhone SE : 7 Reasons not to buy it


Apple makes great smartphones. It’s not just the hardware; iOS is a slick mobile platform and its app ecosystem is awesome. There were some complaints about the company departing from its ‘one-hand use’ design philosophy when it launched the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. Now it’s back in the 4-inch game with the iPhone SE which costs $399 (Rs 39000) for 16GB.

The iPhone SE is in essence, the 6S packed into the body of the 5S. It’s cheaper than any other Apple handset and has the same sweet 12MP rear camera setup as the 6S. Even the processor it uses is the new 64-bit A9 chip helped along by 2GB of RAM. Apple’s clearly aiming for first time iPhone users and those who miss the 4-inch form factor.

In case you’re migrating from Windows/Android to iOS or are simply thinking of picking up the iPhone SE for its conveniently small form factor, did you consider any of the following points?

No 3D Touch:

iPhone SE No 3D Touch

If you’re excited about 3D Touch, you can give the iPhone SE a miss as it doesn’t come with this technology. There are various reasons Apple is said to have left it out of the device. Amidst growing unease about the company’s slipping sales in 2016, it’s being claimed that it wanted to keep the cost of the mid-range handset, well, mid-range.

But why did Apple leave it out of the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro? Some think it’s because the technology cannot be scaled up to larger screens yet. Another theory is that 3D Touch did not take off as well as anticipated, making for a frustratingly inconsistent UI in which some apps respond to force-touch and some don’t.