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Shortage of new MacBook Pro results in overpriced eBay listings

New MacBook Pro eBay

A couple of eBay sellers seem to be taking utmost advantage of the new MacBook Pro with Retina display shortage as listings for the laptop have peaked at an excessive $1,000+ over the original price. The device in question was announced just a few days back at the WWDC 2012 and is reported to be ‘Coming Soon’ or ‘Out of Stock’ from numerous retailers.

The guys over at 9to5Mac ran into a couple of eBay sellers that are offering the notebook at a premium price. One deal in particular listed the base variant at $3,898, inclusive of insurance and free shipment on the same day. We took a quick whirl around the online retailer’s website only to discover a handful of other retailers joining the bandwagon. The high-end version on a certain seller’s page is listed at $3,899, that’s $1,100 more than the original, while the lower end model has a difference of $200 as compared to the former.

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For a quick refresher, the 15-inch Retina-equipped laptop comes with some of the latest processors from the Intel Core i7 lineup proffering clock speeds up to 2.7GHz and approximately 3.7GHz through Turbo Boost. Discrete-class Nvidia GeForce GT 650M graphics are employed for a rich visual experience along with a maximum of 16GB in RAM operating at 1600MHz and 768GB of SSD storage. It packs in 7 hours of activity time and comes bundled with a glass Multi-Touch trackpad, full-size backlit keyboard and FaceTime HD camera amongst others.

Those who aren’t of the patient type can head over to eBay and pick up the new MackBook Pro with Retina display for the excessive $1,000+ price, while the officially priced ones are currently at ‘Coming Soon’ or ‘Unavailable’ status through various retails outlets, as mentioned earlier.