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5 Sheet Music Apps For iPhone

Sheet Music Apps For iPhone

Our Sheet music apps for iPhone roster will help you enhance your musically-inclined skills so that you can belt out the best. Lend a musical ear to what we have to say in our comprehensive list. The applications packed in here bring musical notations and modern musical symbols to the tech terrain. The staffs, bar lines, accolades, clefs, notes, rests, breaks and dynamics all jump right off the conductor’s score and land straight onto your handset. With these entrants, you’ll be able to read and play sweet sounding tunes anytime, anywhere. No need to cart around your music books or pamphlets. And we aren’t just talking about sheet music solutions for select instruments like the guitar or piano. Read on to find out more about the various software options present in the Apple App Store.

1 – Virtual Sheet Music:

Virtual Sheet Music

We open our act with the Virtual Sheet Music app that provides you with a complete music catalog. This software option is infused with high quality digital sheet music that can be accessed while offline as well. Furthermore, the application also enables you to listen and download loads of corresponding MP3 audio files. Fashioned by professional musicians, this inclusion in our music apps for iPhone roster features an optimized page turning system which would certainly come in handy while performing live in front of a large audience. More than 50 free sheet music items along with detailed information on each individual are ported right at the fingertips of the iPhone owner. Your desired music can also be acquired through email in the PDF file format or printed out via AirPrint by simply clicking the envelope or action button. The plethora of items scattered here includes Fur Elise by Beethoven, Canon in D by Pachelbel, Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven, Meditation by Massenet, Halloween Music and Christmas Carols.

Price: Free

2 – iGigBook Mobile Sheet Music Manager:

iGigBook Mobile Sheet Music Manager

For just under $10, the iGigBook Mobile Sheet Music Manager slides forth with a pocket-sized song reference solution that covers transposing chord charts. This entrant in our music apps for iPhone array offers indexes for more than 70 real and fake books. It even allows you to seamlessly search for your favorite songs by simply punching in the composer or title. Have a particular piece in mind? Let the iGigBook Mobile manager find the exact book and page you’re looking for. Once it zeros in on the precise one, the app will not only display the leaf but also lyrics, melody and chords for the same, on the handset touchscreen. Your set list and PDF attachments of all the respective built-in tracks can even be emailed to your bandmates. In addition to this, you can also expect more than 1,200 chord charts of jazz standards that can be transposed.

Price: $9.99

3 – SheetRack:


The SheetRack app is noted to be among the most intuitive sheet music reading apps available on iTunes. You’ll be spoiled for choice with loads of music sheets that come minus a price tag. You can also import your own scores for adding a personal musical touch. An organized view of the sheet music, book-like image index and familiar navigation further aid you in your musical endeavors. Other attributes featured here include an audio and visual metronome as well as vital sheet statistics like the total number of pages and times the sheet has been read. You can also search for your desired song by typing in the genre, sheet name or composer. Besides these delights, it even ropes in one very interesting inclusion. The application allows you to turn the pages by simply blowing on the Apple device microphone. This eliminates the need for you to manually flick through the sheets while onstage. And if $4 seems a bit too steep for your wallet, there is always the Lite version of the same which can be availed of absolutely free of cost. So get ready to be bombarded with a score-on-the-go experience.

Price: $3.99

4 – Pipefest 1:

Pipefest 1

Remember at the very onset we said that the various music apps for iPhone also cover other instruments? Well, the Pipefest 1 app caters to musicians who prefer to take up the bagpipes instead of a guitar, piano, saxophone or flute. Its sheet music galore for lovers of this genre as the application endows them with 130 pipe tunes that come complete with a searchable index. You can take advantage of four different levels namely, easy, intermediate, difficult and very difficult. An amalgamation of both traditional as well as popular pipe tunes is what you can expect to be embedded in here. Some of the tracks include Alick C McGregor – GS McLennan, Captain Carswell – Willliam Laurie, Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band – Roderick Campbell, Jeannie Carruthers – John MacColl and Leaving Lunga – John Gordon.

Price: $4.99

5 – Classic Melody Book:

Classic Melody Book

More than 250 classical music pieces are thrown into the Classic Melody Book app. And like we said earlier, you’ll be able to feast your eyes on free popular classical pages that are penned for a variety of purposes. This includes flute, guitar, piano, violin, orchestra and voice, among others. It further comprises of an advanced searching facility that enables you to find just what you’re looking for by punching in the composer, instrument, title, first few notes of the melody and even the year it was written. By just shelling out around $5, you can acquire a whole bundle of sheet music. No need to spend your cash on purchasing individual pages.

Price: $4.99

Heading out for a rehearsal or concert? Don’t forget to port along your iPhone that’s fitted with any of the aforementioned sheet music apps for iPhone. And do let us know which ones currently reside in your portable handset.