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Sharp to debut its First Blu-Ray Player in Fall 2007

Sharp logo Sharp Electronics has decided to enter the Blu-ray arena this fall as the company has announced a “quick-starting” Blue-ray Disc player. The release of this player will be a first for the company.

As of now, Sharp has released on preliminary specifications for the Blu-ray player. It has already been dubbed BD-HP205.

What we do know is that you can expect 1080p output capability at both 24fps and 60fps. You can also expect in-board Dolby TruHD decoding to be packed into this Blu-ray player.

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The Sharp BD-HP205 player is also slated to have full support for HDMI v1.3. It is also expected to include analog 5.1 outputs as well.

Regarding the new ‘Quick Start’ feature; this player is apparently able to load a disc in a few seconds after being inserted into the tray. This feature is most likely to be welcomed be Blu-ray patrons who are well aware that previous Blu-ray players tend to be annoyingly store.

Stay tuned, for more details are likely to come out soon.

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