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Share USB Devices Over IP Network From Anywhere

FlexiHub is a USB over IP software solution, i.e. it enables sharing access to USB and COM devices over the Internet or LAN. The solution is cross-platform – it works with Windows, Linux, or Mac. Using USB over IP software, USB devices connected to remote computers can be accessed as if they are locally plugged in.

Access USB over TCP/IP for Free

flexihub usb over ip FlexiHub is the software designed to share USB over TCP or IP. You can share local USB and serial devices and the other way around – you can access devices attached to remote computers in your network as if they were inserted directly into your machine.

There’s no need to change your existing network configuration to let your employees share a new USB device – it can be accessed wirelessly from desktops and laptops in your office. Just share a USB printer, scanner, or other devices on a single PC, and all your network users can work with it as if it was connected to their computer.

Connect to USB Ports Remotely

With FlexiHub you can manage your devices remotely, i.e. you do not have to be physically present at the remote end to connect or disconnect a device. Remote computers appear as nodes on your machine and you can view and manage from a remote server or PC through a single IP address. It is totally safe to do it, thanks to encrypted communication.

Detect Device Type Automatically

Once you connect a USB device to a machine, the software will detect and display its type automatically. This helps to identify a device you need to connect to or, perhaps, restrict access to – a phone, printer, scanner, mobile phone, etc. – especially if there are multiple devices connected to a single computer. Serial port devices will have a special mark not to be confused with devices using USB ports to communicate to computers.

Manage Access

Not only you can share a USB or serial device connected to a computer, you can also block access to any device attached to your local or machine. No network users will be able to view and manage it without your permission, it will not be displayed on others’ computers.

Access from Virtual Machine

Virtual machines do not have ports, so accessing content stored on a USB dongle or running a program that requires a USB key becomes a problem here. FlexiHub helps you solve this problem – it allows USB passthrough from the host OS to the virtual environment thus enabling access to a USB port. Software is compatible with VMware, VMware ESX, Citrix XenDesktop and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Good Reasons to Choose FlexiHub

Share Serial Ports

Unlike other such programs, FlexiHub along with USB ports allows sharing COM ports. The app automatically detects whether a serial or USB port is used for communication and the way the device connects to a machine, no matter whether it is a scanner, flash drive, or a bar code scanner.

Share over RDP

To share functionality of USB devices in Remote Desktop install FlexiHub on your local computer (Server module) and on a remote machine (Client module) – these are a single instance of the app. Once you install it, remote desktops devices appear as if they are physically inserted into your machine.

Share via Private Communication Server

FlexiHub routes traffic through its own Redirection Server, so it is not required for your computers to have a real IP address. You will not “see” the other computer with a USB or serial port device, but you can still connect to it and use the device’s functionality remotely.