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How To Set Android Lock Screen Pattern

Android Lock Screen In today’s world, when our life is practically on our smartphone, it’s crucial to secure it. Most likely, you wouldn’t want someone to get access to all your personal and business information. The first level of protection is to lock your phone.

Locking your phone can be done in several ways: using PIN code, fingerprint, face ID, slide, password, or lock screen pattern.

We’ll be showing you the easiest way to set a lock screen pattern on your Android device.

How To Set Android’s Lock Screen Pattern?

Android Lock Screen Options The lock screen pattern looks like a drawing on a standard 3-by-3 keyboard. You can make any drawings from one side of your screen to another, but we advise you to put something more complicated for your own safety.

Follow these steps to set up a lock screen pattern:

  1. Open the “Settings” menu on your Android device.
  2. Choose the option “Lock Screen” or “Security and Lock screen.”
  3. You might have a step “Passwords & Security”
  4. Choose “Lock Screen” option
  5. Draw a pattern you would like to use

Note: If you had any other type of security before setting a lock pattern, such as PIN code or password, you might be asked to confirm it before changing to the pattern.

In case you forgot your pattern and cannot unlock your device, you need to erase it. Then you can set it up again and set up a new lock screen pattern. This can be done from another device via the “Find My Phone” app or with your Android phone buttons.

If you wish to reset your Android phone on its buttons, you should use power and volume buttons. However, this will work only on Android 4.4 and lower. For the rest of the Android devices, you’ll have to use the “Find My Phone” app.

In case your Android locked, read how to Bypass the password or PIN on this guide