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Seiko Epson unveils A4-size Electronic Paper at SID 2008

Seiko Epson electronic paper SID 2008 saw Seiko Epson showcasing an all-new 13.4-inch (A4-size) electronic paper. The innovative prototype paper’s pixel count is 3104×4128 and its definition is a whopping 385ppi.

Now with this latest development, Seiko Epson betters its previous 7.1-inch type electronic paper achievement. The company now feels that it has stepped into the final stage of replacing traditional papers with electronic papers.

Seiko Epson said, “A4 is the normal size of documents.” Adding, “If electronic papers are used in place of papers, they need a certain degree of definition. In that sense, this prototype enables us to test, in earnest, the feasibility of replacing papers.”

The latest electronic paper has been developed by combining electrophoretic electronic ink of E Ink Corp and a low-temperature polycrystal Si-TFT of Seiko Epson. The TFT was created on a glass substrate and its contrast ratio is 10:1 and reflectance is 40%.

In order to commercialize the newly developed electronic paper, Seiko Epson intends conducting a market research. As of now, the company has not finalized as to when it plans to kick off the commercialization or the forms of final products yet, initially it will develop final products by itself. All the same, the Japanese company in contemplating to sell electronic papers in the future.