Sega Master System Games coming to Nintendo Wii via Virtual Console

Sega Master System and Nintendo Wii Console

News has emerged that Sega will soon be distributing games from its 8-bit Master System console via Nintendo’s Virtual Console. If true, support for the Sega Master System will be available in February 2008 in Japan to Wii owners.

The Sega Master System, more commonly referred to as SMS in its time (1986-2000) is nothing but an 8-bit cartridge-based video game console.

The first Master System game expected to be made available on Nintendo’s VC is the 1986-released game based on the hugely popular Fist of the North Star anime series. This is expected to be followed by the classic shooter of 1986 called Fantasy Zone.

It is also known that Fist of the North Star will cost 600 points (around $6) at the VC store. Fantasy Zone will cost just 500 points ($5).

Nintendo’s Virtual Console will also be supported by other Sega consoles which includes the Japan-only Sega Mark III and the 1990’s portable game gear.

As of now, the announcement has been made solely for Japan. However, the US support for Sega’s Master System console and Game Gear hardware has not yet been announced.

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