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See how much leaked iPhone 5S shells reveal about the device

That the iPhone 5S will be available in four colors is no big news; what’s big news however is the fact that shells of those two new models have been leaked out in the open. These videos we’ve posted below (via 9to5Mac) contain what appear to be legit shells of the gold and graphite versions of the upcoming iPhone 5S, and deeper observations of them do reveal some pretty interesting bits about the much leaked Apple smartphone.

The folks over at tldtoday have got their hands on a gold version of the iPhone 5S shell, and in the video below, they attempt to compare the internal structure of upcoming device to that of the current iPhone 5. It is found that the space for the battery has increased, while the logic board screws have been repositioned. And the most notable among all the changes is the fact that a larger LED flash cutout makes its way onto the shell of the 5S, implying that the rumored dual LED flash could well be a reality.

YouTube video

The next video is by DetroitBORG, and it has the uploader comparing an iPhone 5S shell with that of the iPhone 5 as well as the iPhone 5C. It is observed that the iPhone 5C is much larger a device than its comparatively expensive cousin. That’s obviously due to the plastic exterior that makes its way onto the 5C. And this also means that the affordable device is expected to be much lighter than the iPhone 5S.

YouTube video

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