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See how beautifully Google can help you plan your next vacation [Video]

Google Destinations

Google search is a mind-blowing service in terms of not only search results, but heaps of things more. Adding to the list of the latter is Destinations, a new feature that’s aimed at letting you sit back and plan an entire vacation on your smartphone, with the utmost ease.

The rich and varied interface of Destinations on Google is only available on mobile, and is good enough to answer all your travel questions. All you need to do in order to trigger this, is enter the name of the country, continent or state you wish to visit and add the word ‘destination’ or ‘vacation’ alongside it.

Google with return a fully loaded result of all the available options in terms of places to visit, complete with flight and hotel prices. Your search can also be more specific from here on, like for instance ‘Kashmir skiing’ or ‘Goa kayaking.’ The response to this will be all the available spots you’ll be able to perform those activities at.

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The results you get will keep in mind the current weather conditions and prices, however, most trips are planned well ahead of time. To aid this, Google Destinations allows you to add a ‘Flexible Dates’ filter which refines the results on the basis of the month you’ll be travelling in. This means, the fares for that particular time will be shown.

An ‘Explore’ tab is there to see the year-round popularity and weather details of a place, while the ‘Plan a trip’ tab delivers rate charts for hotels and flights, complete with highs and lows for the next six months, thus helping you save some of your hard earned cash by choosing the ideal time to travel.

Google Itineraries

Another wonderful and perhaps the most useful feature provides you with itineraries to your chosen destinations. When you accompany your destination with the word ‘travel,’ detailed itineraries for a varying number of days will appear.

Destinations on Google is seemingly being rolled out in phases, as it’s still not completely available for us here in India.