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What Security Technologies are Used to Protect Your Money and Personal Data in Online Casinos?


The main feature a gambler will look out for when placing money bets is: How safe the online casino is? Will my data be safe here? Is my money in the right hands? Will my financial private card details be secure? These are just but some of the questions the gambler will ask.

Every online gambler should ask these questions before placing any bet. Hackers and criminals are rampant: identity theft is common among gaming platforms. It is important to source for a secure platform such as Casumo Casino http://www.slotozilla.com/online-casinos/casumo-review that offer 100% secured payments.

The leading technologies used in protecting your money and personal data in online casinos include:

Data Encryption Software

These data encryption protocols are used by casino to protect their data says Wikipedia. The primary data encryption software is the 128 and 256-bit (SSL) which means Secure Socket Layer. This software uses complex codes to protect personal, financial and password data of the users. Use of all the computers in the world would still not enable a hacker to access the data. The 256-bit SSL is over 300 billion times harder than the 128-bit key for hackers to crack. Check with the online casino you are gambling on to confirm either of the protection protocols.

Gamble on casinos that have the traditional checkout plans such as MasterCard, visa cards, and PayPal. Before casinos receive licenses for such payment plans especially in Europe, they undergo an intensive checkup to counter-check the software and hardware in place.

Cutting-edge Firewalls

Once you determine the data is protected by the above-listed complex keys, it is of paramount importance to determine where data is stored in the online casino. The gaming platforms probably have hard drives that store all the players’ data and information. These hard drives are secured by firewalls that prevent hackers from accessing. Legit casinos have security professionals to handle their data, e.g. Thawte and Verisign who offer secure options for great online casinos. One should check out for the logos of either of these companies on their casino website.


RNG according to Tech Insider stands for Random Number Generators. They are part of software codes that create several random numbers or series in an unpredictable sequence. This software ensures that the games are as erratic and unpredictable as possible. It prevents manipulation by both the player and the online casino to their benefit.

Legit gambling sites hire private testing companies to regularly measure the randomness and the accuracy of the RNG software installed. Not only does this ensure fairness it also prevents any form of manipulations. Games on these sites are supposed to be randomly generated and not automated to a specific sequence; this ensures players have legit winnings and losses.

Auditing Bodies and Commissions

The final security measure is the employment of independent auditing bodies that counter-check the validity of their apps, games and maintain their gaming license. Major gaming sites have licenses that permit their functioning and facilitate their reputation. The primary independent auditing bodies include:

  • eCOGRA – This stands for eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. It is one of the major independent companies that give the licenses. In some European states, the license is a recommendation for all online gambling sites.
  • TST – This stands for Technical Systems Testing. It is based in Canada and gives compliance tests to online casinos across the globe.

The safe and significant casinos ensure that once the right software and technology are in place, independent bodies audit them to identify loopholes and ascertain security. The right casinos have nothing to hide.

How to Spot an Unsafe Slots Casino

As a gambler, how do you spot the unsafe casinos? One needs to only deal with safe sites and apps to avoid losing their bets or worse yet personal data. The process of identifying the secure casinos is not hard. Our team of experts has come up with the major ways of selecting the right casinos.  The three main factors to look out for when choosing a gambling site include:

  • Bad reviews or blacklistings: Google everything! You will find reviews about a casino. This is free information at no cost. Get to know of people’s experiences on the platforms. If the casino is not legit, it will only be a matter of time before players uncover this and post it.
  • No audit information: Secure online casinos ensure their audit details are available to the public or will submit on request.
  • Lack of a license: If you uncover that a site or app has no license, be certain that this could be an unsecured gambling site. Do not trust such!

Ensure you only involve yourself with secure platforms that have been approved and meet all the safety requirements.