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SeaGen – The first tidal powered turbine in world from Marine Current Turbines

SeaGen Tidal Turbine

Make way for the world’s first energy generator tidal power turbine. Yes, world’s first commercial-scale tidal turbine has been developed by Marine Current Turbines, the British company and is known as the SeaGen.

The tidal-power plant was developed to produce 150kW of electricity the first time. SeaGen is located off the Northern Ireland coast. SeaGen is built to produce 1.2MW of power (equivalent to power used by 1000 homes) once it become fully functional. As of now, the turbine is in its testing and commissioning phase. After it is out of the commissioning phase, the ESB Independent Energy will be purchasing the energy generated from the tidal turbine.

The SeaGen works like an “underwater mill” by rotating two of its underwater turbines.

“SeaGen is the world’s first commercial-scale tidal stream generating system by a large margin. It is more than four times as powerful as the world’s second most powerful tidal current system, which is our own 300kW SeaFlow, installed off Lynmouth on the north Devon coast more than five years ago,” said Martin Wright, managing director of Marine Current Turbines.

“This is an important milestone for the company and indeed the development of the marine renewable energy sector as a whole. The marine environment poses a number of unique technical challenges… so we are delighted that Marine Current Turbines has delivered yet another world-first in this sector. It’s a major technical break-through.”

“SeaGen, Marine Current Turbines, tidal power and the UK government’s push for marine renewables all now have real momentum,” he added. While Northern England and Irish Republic will be receiving energy from SeaGen via ESB Independent Energy, MCT is also planning to research on more energy farms in other parts of UK and North America.