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6 Scrivener Alternatives

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Scouting around for Scrivener alternatives so you can pen down a fantastic story or gripping novel? Well, we have just the tools that will help you unleash your creativity in that department or any other that concerns writing. This could range from publishing a fiction novel to formulating a captivating screenplay. Whatever be the reason, you can rely on any of the following writing programs to see your project through till the end. Each of the names listed here proffers some pretty comprehensive features that aid you in formatting and composing your work, leaving you free to concentrate on brainstorming and churning out great ideas.

1 – yWriter:

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With this one in place, you can easily roll out your great ideas as they pop into your head without having to worry too much about keeping constant track of your entire work. The program has the ability to break your story into multiple scenes and chapters as well as clearly display the word count for each file or the project as a whole. You’ll be able to seamlessly add scenes, locations, characters, items and chapters as they stream from your imagination.

It also tracks your progress and saves automatic backups at customized intervals as well as provides storyboard view and automatic chapter renumbering. And if the need arises, you can easily reorder the scenes within the set chapters itself. In contrast to the compared software, this one can be downloaded absolutely free of cost for the Mac OS X, Windows and Linux systems.

2 – PageFour:

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This entrant in our programs like Scrivener roster aims to please creative writers and novelists with its treasure chest of attributes. Noted to be an outliner, tabbed word processor and organizer, it allows you to throw in plot outlines and character summaries anywhere within your project. There’s even a handy search tool that lets you quickly zero in on a particular paragraph without you having to scan the entire layout. What’s more, you can keep your sensitive chapters and pages away from prying eyes by assigning passwords to them, according to the brains behind this endeavor.

Another vital feature is the multilingual spell checker dictionary. You’ll further be able to create individual notebooks for your blog, novel and journal. A few other features include snapshots and archiving, MS Word compatible, Smart-Edit and print templates. To procure a license for this software, you’ll need to part ways with $39. However, you can first avail of a free 45-day trial before pulling out your purse.

3 – Celtx:

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The innovative, user-friendly program allows you to pen down scripts and novels as well as collaborate with others via your desktop, the internet or even your portable mobile device. You can turn to this engaging software piece for formulating stage plays, novels, screenplays, AV scripts, comic books, and audio plays. A few features embedded here include scene and text locks as well as automatic script formatting to match international and industry standards. There are 36 production categories and index cards complete with a list view to take advantage of.

You’ll also find a handful of productivity and pre-visualization tools roped in here. And with dedicated iOS and Android apps, you can write scripts, scout for your project pictures and create multi-sequence storyboards while on the go. Compatible with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, you can avail of the free version or shell out just under $15 for the Plus edition.

4 – WriteWay Pro:

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As the developer suggests, this particular inclusion in our software similar to Scrivener can be a writer’s best friend, irrespective whether they are aspiring authors or basic hobbyists. You can utilize this piece of software right from the initial concept stages to the completed manuscript. The list of comprehensive features found here read as book organization, story notecards and notecard templates, dynamic outline, integrated full-featured word processor, word/page count tracking, character profiles, research folders, and deadline management.

Available for Windows Vista, XP, 7 and 8 PCs, you can opt for a 30-day trial demo version or pay $35 to acquire the Professional edition.

5 – Storybook:

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This free open source novel-writing software helps you juggle multiple plotlines and even manage different locations, items, characters, tags, scenes, and ideas minus any complication. Sporting a simple, user-friendly interface, it also comes complete with chart tools, task list and navigation, Storybook Memoria, spell check, object tree, and adjustable view. There’s even a handy feature called Global Ideas which enables you to store all your random brainstorming data and categorize them under various levels like ‘started,’ ‘not started,’ ‘abandoned’ and ‘completed.’

6 – Writer’s Café:

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Step into a different sort of café if you wish to get your hands on some impressive tools that’ll aid you in penning down your fiction novel. During your stay here, you can exploit StoryLines – a story development tool that helps in structuring your screenplay or novel. This contender in our programs like Scrivener roundup is also packed with a notebook, research organizer, inspirational quotations, writing exercises, journal, pin-board, and daily writing tips. The maker has even thrown in attributes such as text and screenplay import, screenplay auto-formatting, drag and drop cards, tag-based searching, multiple sheets, navigator view, and character profiles. Interested individuals can purchase this gem for $40 while students get a $10 discount and can pick up the same for just $30.


The content-generation tool for writers that are shining in the spotlight here emerges from the house of Literature and Latte and can be picked up for the Mac OS X and Windows 8 PCs. It proffers a complete writing studio packed with creative tools for helping you structure and revises your content. Now if you feel that this particular program might be a little too complicated for you and your work, or maybe a bit too steep as far as the price is concerned, you could always try any of the aforesaid Scrivener alternatives. Many of the options here are quite straightforward and come minus too many bells and whistles. So if you’re a writer, novelist, screenwriter, student, playwright, journalist or short story writer, you’ll be able to benefit from our goodie bag of treats. Do let us know which one you picked out from the lot.

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