Jawbone UP, a wristband to keep fitness on the right track

Jawbone UP System

With people constantly becoming health conscious, Jawbone unveils UP, a wristband shaped device to monitor a person’s daily activities. The rise of illnesses and unhealthy lifestyles can lead to heart diseases, diabetes and other epidemics. To help users improve their health, the gadget is said to provide them with adequate information required to stay fit.

According to a research conducted by the CDC, eating healthier, ample amount of sleep and lots of exercise can prevent the aforementioned diseases for occurring. With this accessory, promoting health and fitness awareness is the main goal of Jawbone. The device is said to be built using robust computing and sophisticated technology.

Hosain Rahman, CEO at Jawbone commented, “We are excited to share our vision at TEDGlobal because this epidemic will take an entire community to affect a global change. TED is a community of thought leaders that can help propel this idea into a global movement. We’re passionate about creating products for the mobile lifestyle that people love to use every day.”

He further added, “And now, we’re harnessing that passion to approach a major global issue – health. We are focused on creating a highly accessible solution for this particular space that integrates seamlessly into a user’s daily life with the goal of making it absolutely easy for them to live better.”

The jewelry like gadget will monitor, store and provide users with information on their daily activities. Also, a mobile application is designed to analyze these activities and provide feedback in the form of suggestions and recommendations.

The Jawbone UP is planned for release sometime later this year.

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