Helen, Mitox Oy and There collaborate for energy efficient solutions

Helsingin Energia ThereGreenathon-ers have probably been pushing their efforts to keep energy usage to a minimum so hard that manufacturers are only bound by duty to follow suit. Some days back Helen, Mitox Oy and There revealed to have been working together to proffer the next generation of home solutions that use energy smartly. While using energy in a more efficient manner, it’s a There-offered web-based solution that’s structured around the ThereGate.

The pilot looks at allowing users gain real-time monitoring of the energy being consumed. The technology should give households the power to employ tariffs that are hourly so as to use electricity optimally when it’s most cheap. The interesting part seems to be the fact that this can be done comfortably courtesy an automated mechanism. Users also have the opportunity to transform their energy usage into something that’s adhered more towards the environment.

“We are now taking the next step in energy management by providing truly real-time information on energy consumption. We also offer energy efficiency services that are based on these accurate measurements and mechanisms of the electricity market, like controlling the consumption based on the hourly pricing,” mentioned Kaj Rönnlund, CEO of There Corporation.

“An excellent example of the piloted services is the ‘rate control concept’ that allows customers to take the full advantage of the hourly pricing of the electricity market,” remarked Sales Director Jukka Niemi from Helsingin Energia. “One of the very important goals of the pilot is also combining the technology platform and the new automatic metering infrastructure to enhance the functionality of the energy markets.”

The pilot is being conducted in Finland by There and Mitox Oy in collaboration for Helen users. It should give users precise information on the energy being sucked up and thus lower not just energy bills but emissions as well. Following the consumption in real-time on the web offers users more control too. The high-spot is they can label devices and systems utilizing energy while shifting energy usage on the basis of easy guidelines programmed by users. The pilot includes primary and secondary apartments and houses having an array of heating systems as well.

The essence of hourly-based metering systems implanted by the utilities to new services is what this agreement intends to capture.