Hitachi Showcases EMIEW2 Robot

Hitachi EMIEW2 Robot Hitachi showed off its latest humanoid robot named EMIEW2 (Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as Workmate). The new Hitachi robot is smart enough to tell the difference between three human voices simultaneously. For recognizing the difference, the robot is equipped with 14 microphones on its head.

The Robots voice recognition function is a result of sound source separation and sound pattern recognition. The sound source separation helps robot to ignore other sounds and only focus on the people who are talking. The robot can recognize the voices spoken up to the distance from 2m.

That’s not it. The EMIEW2 which is 80 cm tall and can walk too. It incorporates two wheels at the base of each leg. On the other hand, the robot’s height of 80 cm is ideal for looking over desk tops. The robot weighs only 13kgs.

With its cute looks and mobility, the robot could possibly work as a receptionist?

However other details of the robot are yet unavailable. Hitachi has not disclosed information regarding price and availability.