Life Science Water Apparatus provides 5 types of Water!

Life Science Water Apparatus With growing water pollution it is hard to find water fit enough for drinking. The water has to be purified by various methods. In such a situation, what if you find a device that will provide you water in five different tastes? That is right, that is what the Japanese Life Science Water Apparatus does.

Apart from providing simple Vlean Water, the Japanese Life Science Water Apparatus makes Kagen Alkaline Water, Strong Kagen Water, Acid or Beauty Water and Strong Acid Water; few of the tastes provided by the apparatus. While Kagen Alkaline Water can be used as to maintain a good immune system, Strong Kagen Water can be used for cleaning veggies. The third of the variety is the Acid or Beauty Water for skin cleaning purpose. Then there is the Strong Acid Water for cleaning your oily hands or dirty dishes.

“Unlike other filtration systems, ionization creates natural, mineral-rich, alkaline, anti-oxidant and micro-clustered drinking water, often referred to as ‘miracle water’ in Japan,” Denis Alexander, distributor, told 14U News.

The apparatus works by ionizing water through electrolysis and all you need to do is press a button for that. And guess what? The apparatus is being used in Japan since 1974. Well the information on pricing is not available though!