SCH-U620 Mobile TV Handset launched by Samsung

Samsung SCH-U620 Mobile TV Handset Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., has just introduced the SCH-U620 mobile phone, its latest mobile TV handset in the United States. Already a frontrunner in the mobile TV revolution with its extensive portfolio of handsets across all mobile broadcasting platforms like Satellite DMB (S-DMB), Terrestrial DMB (T-DMB), Media FLO, and DVB-H, Samsung has yet again kept up with its innovative and creative concepts by introducing the Samsung SCH-U620.

The Samsung SCH-U620 mobile TV handset merges high-profile video and audio capabilities, with an extremely compact and sleek design. The SCH-U620 mobile TV handset features real time streaming and clip casting as well.

The Samsung SCH-U620 mobile TV handset also sports a 2-inch QVGA 240×320 pixel LCD screen, and a dedicated V CAST Mobile TV key on the side of the phone. The dedicated V CAST Mobile TV key helps in the easy launch of applications. Besides, the retractable V CAST Mobile TV antenna provides great reception on the Samsung SCH-U620 mobile TV handset.

Along with using the Samsung SCH-U620 mobile TV handset to watch your favorite TV shows, you will also be able to use this mobile phone as a navigation service that gives voice directions. Featuring support for stereo Bluetooth support for enhanced audio, the Samsung SCH-U620 mobile TV handset certainly has a many innovative features that make this device a class apart.

“Our distinctive line-up of mobile TV handsets on display at CES represents Samsung’s commitment in delivering high-quality personal multimedia handsets desired by today’s mobile consumer. The SCH-U620 and our future lineup of mobile TV handsets will allow our consumers to fully enjoy the freedom of mobility and broadcasting,” said Kitae Lee, President of Samsung Electronics Telecommunications Network Business. “Samsung will continue our efforts in designing mobiles that will give our consumers the ultimate multimedia mobile experience.”

It is interesting to note that Samsung had developed the very first S-DMB chipset way back in 2004, when they produced the first S-DMB mobile phone in the world for the Korean market. After this, Samsung has manufactured and launched 28 S-DMB and 20 T-DMB mobile TV handsets till date in Korea itself.

The Samsung SCH-U620 mobile TV handset is expected to be available in the first half of 2007 from Verizon Wireless.