Scent Drive for your computer to freshen up office air

Pure ScreenshotsOkay, there are air-fresheners for your car, your bedroom, your home, your office, even your loo! But some how people forgot to invent something for our beloved and most humble employee, companion, friend, gadget, etc – the computer. And you thought computers don’t need fragrances!

Well, Hong Kong based company Debure loves the computers so much that it has actually come up with a USB Drive that emits sweet smell for your computer. Now you won’t have the trouble of stinking shoes that you removed and kept beneath the table. Just hope the two smells don’t mix to give a funny stench.

Jokes apart, the USB drive named as the Scent Drive really works and to make it work all you need to do is plug in the drive in your USB ports like a normal USB and then load it with the fragrance oil, like the rose or pepper mint fragrance oil in the oil compartment. What the Scent Drive does is, it burns the oil giving out smell and there you have a sweet smelling office!

The Scent drive weighs just 5g measuring 66 x 22 x 7mm. Available in the colour of rose red and peppermint green, the Scent Drive is priced at $ 7.00.

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